Fuck Today


I wanted to put this one into a couple of threads to reiterate “how many times we’ve been over this” plus fascism/conservatism/misogyny, but I figured Orenwolf would snack on it.



FWIW, I (and no doubt many others) didn’t jump into the Texas thread because you didn’t seem to need any help. For as long as I have been posting here, your comments on a wide range of topics have been consistent, insightful and interesting. I learn things from the bbs community; it’s the reason I started participating and it’s the reason I keep coming back. Some people are jerks; it doesn’t mean your scholarship isn’t appreciated.



What the actual fuck.


I’m only surprised that a firearm wasn’t used.


Honestly, the knife is worse somehow; it so…intimate. Stabbing an infant…? How does anyone get there?


Only in that the perp had to get ‘up close and personal’ to inflict deadly harm; with a firearm, she could have done much worse damage in much less time.

That said; I can’t begin to fathom how anyone gets to that point.



And they survived, another big difference… if this had been a gun, they’d be dead.




While thinning out bamboo (P. Vivax) in our front garden, I encountered a very large wasp nest. They saw me first, and I sustained at least five stings to the face, head and neck, and a couple on my arm. My head is now all lumpy, but the wasps have been dealt with. Along with another nest I probably would have stumbled into tomorrow.


I found this great picture for the “put some mud on it!” catechism and your situation but then realized that’s for bees, not wasps. So you’re welcome to try anyway but I don’t know if it will help…


At least I am not allergic. I have a tendency to get attacked by all manner of animals, insects, reptiles, and fish. I am lucky to live in a household with several medical professionals, so adverse reactions or horrifying wounds can be treated on site.
Had the mud been available while I was being swarmed, I would have tried it. Thanks for the suggestion.


What do you do to have that kind of tendency?


Excellent question. I do not have an answer, but my wife finds it hilarious, especially when the critter in question is normally considered harmless.
I once had a bone broken by a pufferfish.


Last year, out on a bike ride, one of those goddamn yellow jackets flew into my face and popped me in the mustache. Much to my surprise, the irritation went away in less than 24 hours (probably because I took a Benadryl as soon as I got home).

I’ve had those fuckers bounce off my glasses on occasion as well - one more reason why I won’t wear contact lenses.


That seems like a feat in and of itself. Your insurance must love you.


The usual methods are:

i) kill a unicorn;
ii) consort with evil spirits, Old Ones, take up necromancy, etc.;
iii) become an evil spirit yourself (Ringwraiths, vampires, werewolves I’m looking at you);
iv) do all of the above.

Any of those ring a bell? :slight_smile:


We lost a lovely Lhasa of 13 this morning and it feels pretty fucking abysmal.


I am spiralling.


Will a Terry Pratchett picture cheer you up?