Fuck Today


I’ve owned Aroma rice cookers for over 15 years, and never had a problem until now. I cook white rice, brown rice, pasta, “baked” potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and steamed vegetables regularly. I understand it’s possible to make little cakes, but I’ve never tried it.
I always have perfect rice, as long as I follow the instructions.


Yes, absolutely! You don’t even need a rice cooker with fancy settings. I have this very simple and inexpensive one (I’ve seen it on sale at a big brick store for $15 + tax), and I cook whole grain brown rice in it several times a week.

The settings on mine are simply “on” and “warm”. You put in the usual amount of rice and water that you would use on a stovetop [1 cup uncooked brown rice to 2.5 cups water], turn it on, and when it’s done cooking it switches to “warm”. (But how does it know how long to cook the rice, if you don’t set any timer? It has a heating element and a temperature sensor. As long as there’s still some water boiling, the temperature won’t go above 212F. But once the rice is fully cooked and all the water has been absorbed, the temperature starts rising, so then the sensor tells it to switch over to “warm”.)

It makes perfect brown rice, every time. One of my siblings has a different, more expensive rice cooker with fancy settings, and they can’t seem to get their brown rice to come out right. I advocate the simple ones! I’ve had mine for years, still going strong.

Also really great for quinoa. My quinoa never came out right until I started making it in my rice cooker. Now it’s perfect every time.

And…this has gone a ways off the main topic, I’m afraid! [See zfirphdn’s law (also known as Codwin’s law): All BB bbs threads, if left to go on long enough, will inevitably turn to discussion of food.] :smile:


Wow…sounds like my cup o’ tea!
Ughhhhhhhh…Yes I really did day that!

Seriously, thanks for the link. I picked up some Uncle Ben’s Ready-to-Serve individual pkgs. of whole-grain chicken flavored brown rice.
Just pop in microwave for 90-seconds.
I’m such a lazy cheater…looking for the easy way out…etc., etc!


Dang! Tried to EDIT…
" really did SAY …"
What can I say??
(I realize that excuse only lasts

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Also @XantheStone @zfirphdn @Melizmatic

Thanks all! I was very uncomfortable and grumpy at the temperature, the fact it was no lower than 31° all night and that I had to work at 4.30am in such heat… and it got to 45° later that day, although the cool change dropped the temp to 28° about 3pm (although my place stayed hot and it still is :cold_sweat:).

That’s like a 70 degree differential from near you @GoatCheezInfrno . Ridiculous.

And fuck it, I sound like a granny!


I spend the day from 15:00h onwards getting the dishwasher of the previous tenants out, cleaning the shit they left behind, trying to get my dishwasher in, and fixing the bloody sink so the water of the dishwasher doesn’t sit in a far too long tube (forming an U, no less, as SPECIFICALLY is depicted to avoid in the bloody manual!). I cut myself, I bruised myself, got blood on the floor and in the cupboards, and I got four months old sink water on the wounds. I inhaled a slight breeze toxic vapours when I cleaned the tubes with NaOH solutions and some fucking residuals of unknown composition were still present, and I already had a major bronchitis this week.

On the positive side, I used two new German words today I never used before, knowingly. Wrasenblech (the metal sheet under the wooden counter on top of the dishwasher which stops the vapour out of the hot dishwasher to damage the wood, which of course the previous tenants did not get), and Schnäupe (the slightly outwards curved thingy which helps you to pour out stuff from a container, cup or kettle).

ETA: it’s past 23:00h now, and besides tidying up this shit I might have successfully installed a dishwasher. The price is a half-torn of kitchen counter which needs re-fixing.

Anyone wants to buy a Rengöra? It already cost me my nerves.


I get super cranky when it’s hot. I get nauseous and a heat rash between my boobs. And I don’t sleep well without weight on me. So yeah, so damn cranky. I feel ya.


What? Is this like Mexico, where you move out, and it’s the next tenant’s issue to deal with the mess?


I don’t blame you, but I don’t have a microwave…yet. So, I’m kind of left without a convenient way to cook for the time being.

By the way, welcome to BoingBoing.


I live at the end of a suburban train line, and it hit -12f last night. Warmer near the lake.


Thanks! I found it via a C-Span Book TV
3-hour Interview with Mr. Doctorow! (Sp).
I dl his books and checked in here.
Very interesting conversations.


I bought the hot mess from the previous tenants because a) it massively increased chances to get this appartment, b) I would not have been able to fit my old kitchen in because the new flat’s kitchen room has a larger, and completely irregular shape (house was built in the 1890s, I think) and c) I would have had to store my old kitchen for four months - which I barely managed to do with my old appliances and the rest of my stuff. I’ve been switching short-term appartments and airbnbs for the last four months, fully furnished. New job needed me, and commuting over 400km w/o proper public transport connections was out of the question.

I can report success, so far: my trusty old dishwasher works, the oven and the induction cooking field work and I fixed as many poor handicrafts as possible.
I’m by no means a professional, and I even dislike building my own stuff because I usually botch it. Ok, rephrasing: I have higher standards to my own work than towards that of others. But I haven’t seen such a poorly fitted IKEA kitchen in my whole life. And I even paid premium. Need to get rid of the appliances right away, as long as they have guarantee… Kitchen is just under two years old.


Well, technically yesterday, but…
My SO is visiting (long-distance relationship). Two weeks later = two weeks shorter than planned, due to bad weather in the Alps.
And after being here one whole day she got to know the local hospital’s ER, courtesy of a biliary colic in the wee hours yesterday morning.
She’ll be in the hospital at least until Saturday, and it looks like there’s a gall bladder removal to look forward to in the spring or so.
On the plus side, she is well looked after now, properly medicated, no risk of a rupture or other complications.


My sympathies. Hope she gets well soon.


Hit the slopes in CO this weekend.

I am older and fatter than I used to be, but I was soooo winded much of the time. It was humiliating.

Could so be that the air is thinner (and over a mile higher than what I am used to back home).

Or it could also be because I just remembered I donated two units of red blood cells 2 weeks ago. Shit.


That’s … not good.


2 weeks. You should be back to good as far as that goes. Combination of altitude, being lazy for years and OLD.
Welcome to being a geezer.


Ugh, I don’t even know who he is pancreatic cancer is my least favourite cancer. It killed a cousin of mine when they had kids aged 2 and 4. I hope Bushwick bill was speaking from truth with, “I’m not really afraid of dying” because my understanding is that when you have stage four pancreatic cancer, the chances of survival might as well be zero.


God damn it - I ripped a hole in my vintage Animaniacs shirt. I really need to learn to sew small holes up…

Also - I - uh - think I am accidently wearing it two days in a row. So far, no one seemed to notice.



Although if it’s precious to you, perhaps take it to a professional…

Invisible mending can give amazing results.