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WTF? I hope he’s okay…


He was getting CPR on the pitch so it’s not great.

Awful thing.


The reports I’m getting is that he is conscious

Christian Eriksen: It has been confirmed that the 29-year-old Danish midfielder has been taken to hospital and stabilised after collpasing on the pitch of the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen moments before half-time. There are photos of a conscious Eriksen being stretchered off the pitch, wearing an oxygen mask and with his eyes open.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that either Eriksen or one of the medics treating him – and hats off to them, by the way – gave fans the thumbs-up as he left the pitch.

The Danish FA have just reported that Eriksen is “awake”. Thank God for that.


I guess they’ll report when we have a cause of his collapse… but yeah, @robertmckenna an awful thing indeed. These are young men who are supposed to be in their prime health, so when something like this happens, it seems much worse.


There was supposed to be a UEFA statement ten minutes ago, but it is late. I think it is certain that Finland-Denmark will be rearranged for another day, no-one there is capable of finishing the match whether they are Danish, Finnish or the referees. The question is whether Belgium-Russia will go ahead, at least three of Eriksens teammates and former teammates are playing in that (Romelu Lukaku, Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen).

England have cancelled all press meetings, Harry Kane is obviously worried about his former teammate.

It doesn’t look as bad as Fabrice Muamba nine years ago, but that was pretty much the worst I could imagine anyone recovering from, he had 78 minutes of CPR.


Holy crap! Looks like he retired right after, which was likely a wise move on his part. It must feel awful to work so hard to become a professional player and then have your body betray you like that.


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From the Guardian

Wow! In a quite astonishing turn of events, the Danish FA have reported that the game will resume at 7.30pm BST once their players have been reassured that Christian Eriksen is in a stable condition. The last four minutes of the first half will be played, followed by a five-minute half-time break and then the second half. Belgium v Russia will also go ahead.

UEFA needs to have it’s money, I guess.


I find it hard to believe that request wasn’t coerced.

Further edit:

From the BBC live reporting

It’s certainly not being played at the tempo it was beforehand. Understandably so.


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It’s not fuck today stuff, but relevant to the discussion


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There’s also this from the other game tonight.


Does not want to seem to play for me (got a “this video not available in your location” message?), but I’ll assume it was a heartfelt message for Eriksen…


Romelu Lukaku scored against Russia and ran up to the camera and shouted “Chris, Chris, I love you”.

If you weren’t crying first one the replay probably set you off.


This is from a usually-reliable football journalist:


Great. Now we’ve got covidiots claiming that Christian Eriksen collapsed because of a covid vaccine, which he hasn’t had because he isn’t in the right age range to get it yet.

I’m fucking tired of this world and people hijacking tragedies for their conspiracy theories.


This might be anecdotal, but when a friend of mine collapsed and was taken into hospital with PE, I was in no state to do the most basic of things even after they told me that they were responding well to treatment.

The result last night shows that Denmark were not doing well mentally, and I still think it should have been delayed for at least a day. UEFA have a previous record of forcing matches to go ahead (like Borussia Dortmund after their team bus was bombed, admittedly that match was delayed for a day but the team still weren’t happy about playing) so I remain suspicious.


I will say that we’re dealing with a major emergency right now in our close circle, and the responses are all over the map, including the person’s adult daughter who is literally cleaning my house right now because she needs to keep busy.

Still, I agree that it’s much more likely any response the team gave in the immediate aftermath should be filed under ‘in shock and not thinking rationally’.


Well they seem to have been offered the option of today or yesterday which are not great options


UEFA is a horrible, horrible organization, and I think the game should have been postponed (there’s slack built into the schedule for exactly this kind of thing), but I’m inclined not to cloud what is already a dreadful event with speculation. (I’m a Spurs fan, the Spurs fan community is full of wild rumours about this, and it is pretty ugly.) If there was coercion, it will eventually come out.

Eriksen was the best player at Spurs when they had him, one of the most creative players in the League, and I think the recent move to Inter actually improved him. If he has to leave football, as happened in the similar case of Fabrice Muamba, the sport will be the worse for it. That said, we can all be happy that he now seems to be doing well.

(ETA: Today the Denmark coach expressed regrets that they chose to play on.)