Full Frontal on why pregnant black women get treated so poorly by our health care system

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Why would the white men in charge want to change anything when their desired outcomes are manifesting before our eyes?


Can someone please summarize? I’m depressed enough already…


Due to many very controllable things* the health outcomes for being a pregnant black woman or a black child being born and far below what a white neighbour would expect and far below what a comparably wealthy nation would expect.

* reasons:

  • racism
    • personal: doctor’s not seeing black patients as being “as human” as white patients and not believing them when discussing pain or other issues
    • institutional: barriers to receiving medical care baked into the systems of society
      • red-lining
      • shuttering of hospitals in predominantly black areas
      • redistributing health spending to “better performing” hospitals aka: more white and already better funded. (We fund them because they have better outcomes, they have better outcomes because they are better funded)
  • Claims the Govt. can’t afford to increase health spending in the areas that would help… but have no problems spending 1000% more on that on more missiles
  • claims of Govt. officials being black friendly mostly fall flat when the pen meets the paper and when it’s time to vote on bills.

I feel I need to follow up on this that
a) I’m in Canada, and we have these issues too
B) Our issues also include our indigenous peoples. Their struggles include generational trauma of residential schools, also not being believed in medical and or police scenarios: Assumptions of being drunk that leads doctors/police to ignore actual problems leading to deaths, police treating anyone of indigenous descent as hostile and combative regardless of the situation, harassing indigenous peoples. Systemic racism, education and health barriers… water treatment systems in indigenous areas either completely missing or allowed to fail and some communities being on boil-water for multiple-decades.

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