Lady at walk-in clinic demands to see a white doctor

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She should go back to back to the blurred-face people homeland!


Oh the irony! People who act like her claiming that the white race is superior.


Is this… real? I dunno, it just seems so play-acted crazy racist person, and lacks the, I dunno, unbridled rage I would come to expect of these types of outbursts. It’s like, whiny lady racist bullshit. But if real, I mean, I totally support internet shaming such assholes.


What is either disconcerting(if she simply didn’t feel the need to massage the message) or pathetic(if she was too incompetent) is how she totally blows the opportunity for a dog whistle.

Comprehensible English is a pretty reasonable thing to want from somebody who is going to be taking your case history and providing medical advice based on a combination of your report and whatever diagnostic measures they take. If your doctor can’t understand you, or vice versa, you have a quite genuine problem.

She could have started with that request; and then embellished the alleged incomprehensibility of anyone she didn’t like; instead, the actually-sensible expectation ranks behind ‘not having brown teeth’(do they even let you complete a residency without drinking that much coffee?)… Either feels no need to conceal her motives; or pitifully artless.


Nah man, that affect is the norm pretty much everywhere but alberta and certain bars.
Even when it comes to racist psychopaths visiting a walk-in clinic.


You know, one upside to the election of Donald Trump may very well turn out to be crap like this. I think a lot of people felt that racism was, if not completely dead, at least a really rare thing among a very small minority of white people in poor, rural America. We are now finding out that racism is alive and well, not just everywhere in America, but in perceived progressive strongholds like Canada. We, the human race, still have a lot of work to do on ourselves, and the election of Trump has made that inarguably clear.


Racists: Providing extremely poor examples of their own ethnicity since the invention of irony!

Oh, you’re used to angry, personality-disorder racism. This is whiny, entitled racism. It’s what happens when racism is seen as sufficiently socially acceptable that it’s not just people whose personality disorders prevent them from repressing it in public who express it.

She so clearly felt that it wasn’t necessary, for whatever reason(s). She feels fully entitled to her racism and xenophobia, the way the average McDonald’s customer feels entitled to fries that haven’t been burnt. She’s outraged that they can’t manage to accommodate her perfectly “reasonable” request.

It’s not clear for Republicans. They still manage to blame Obama for racism. Because somehow pointing out, in the mildest possible way, that systemic racism against people of color still exists in this country, “divided the country.” Yeah, somehow they managed to turn the expression of overt racism by white people into a problem caused by a black person. Which seems pretty racist, but I guess that’s Obama’s fault, too.


So she’s melodramatic and concern trolling about her kid having medical issues, but she’s more interested in declining service based on racist prejudices than making sure he gets help. Way to undermine your already crazy rant.


You are absolutely correct. I should have clarified that I was thinking more about liberals and moderates, regardless of party affiliation. I know quite a few liberal minded people who believed overt, blatant racism like this to be a relic of the past.


Exactly. If your son has chest pain, get him care. This is not the time for racist grandstanding. I would hope this person gets a visit from CPS asking, “so, how long did you delay your child’s urgent care by putting your racism above his health. Hmmm, that long. I see.”


funny, but the chin-lack shaming probably isn’t needed.


As someone who grew up in Mississauga, please let me say that this woman is the exception and not the rule.

I’ve always taken pride in how accepting the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is towards any culture. There are always exceptions, as this woman shows, but generally, we want your culture to come here and thrive with us.

Fuck that woman.


At least I’ll bet she’s not going to get a fine for child neglect, like the mother whose child was accidentally locked in a car by the aunt.


So[quote=“milliefink, post:3, topic:103082, full:true”]
Oh the irony! People who act like her claiming that the white race is superior.

Someone should explain to her that the white doctors provide help to those poor colored scrubs. Being superior, it is the right thing to do. She will understand.


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Oh, you want a native doctor, eh?

You’re traditional First Nation healer will see you now.

Fuck this racist POS, but her kid still deserves treatment in spite of her. Ideas aren’t blood-borne, despite what the racists would like us to believe.


Nice! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not to be an intellectual snob, but the proper response would be “Oh, I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t realize you were also a doctor.” “Oh, you’re not?” “But then you must have some comparable postgraduate degree…” “Oh. You don’t?” “Hmm… So these brown people have documentation of having accomplished more…”

(kidding, totally being a snob!)


Won’t help…

Eeew! Nonono! She wants a white doctor that hasn’t been touching darkies!

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The proper response would be “you either shut the fuck up and wait for whoever is available to treat your kid, or I call Child Protection Services and the police, so we can treat your kid. What it is going to be, lady?”