Fun with False Equivalencies

Yeah, Ok dude. You run across a dude in a dark alley wearing a swastika and you fall into a category of people that Nazis want to eliminate. Are you just going to stand there?


Right, fair point. This goes to my personal conflict. How far is too far? Crazy old dudes ranting on youtube is one thing, mobs of thugs out looking for a fight, with an enabler in the White House, and sympathizers on the police forces is quite another.

There is definitely a point where is it is acceptable to preemptively punch a Nazi. I just wonder where that is.

That’s a well-chosen scenario to support your position.

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Physically threatening?

Yes, nazis are threatening to my society.


Wearing a nazi armband in a minority community, Jewish religious or cultural place or event come to mind.


Checks out.


Oh. My. GAWD.

Sorry, I’m not just waiting around until someone attempts to kill, maim, rape or lynch me.

If anyone puts on the uniform* of groups who actively advocate killing maiming, raping, and/or lynching other people, they have freely announced to the world that’s what they want to do as well. And if given the slightest chance, it’s what they will do.

*Be it a swastika, a ‘Proud Boy’ patch, a white hood, whatever.


I know. I get it. Indefensible, and yet, human beings right?

Sometimes we have to do immoral things, to protect us all. My father, rest his soul, went through WW2 under Patton. He told two stories, one about liberating a German camp of Russian POWs, the other about a weekend in Paris. A lot of other things happened, and those things left a mark.

Punching a Nazi may also leave a mark. Be careful with your soul, friend.


Indeed. Because our souls (as a country) is what is at stake here.

I’d rather we were discussing the weekend in Paris.


Just imagine… a young soldier in the days just after liberation…



Meh, it is broken already. If having to live with PTSD over having to punch/fight Nazis (or whatever white power name they want to hide under) means my kids and their kids don’t have to I am down with that.


Why not shoot them instead? I mean, a dead nazi is one less nazi, right?


It’s always black and white with you people.


no, seriously, why stop at punching? They don’t.


I know some strong advocates of gun control who bought some firearms after trump got elected specifically because they thought they might have to shoot some nazis when they want to come and kill them for miscegination qnd having a mixed race kid.


Clearly you have never lived in an area with a skinhead population.
This scenario is, for some, an all too real possibility.


I’ve got guns because target shooting, and hell, on the non-precision side, cowboy guns are cool. I’m not a “I gotta gun for self defense!” guy, nor have I ever considered applying for a CCW permit. It’s only been since 2016 that I’ve even considered the possibility that I’d shoot someone if they came for my family or neighbors (jewish family, muslim neighbors, gay friends etc…).

You want to talk about “terrorism”? When a candidate talks about deporting muslims (no comment on citizenship or not) or putting them in camps, and after election openly expresses sympathy for literal white supremacists and neo nazis as “very fine people”…

If a fundamental part of your philosophy is that anyone doesn’t have the same right to exist as everyone else, you’re going to be regarded as a credible threat and I’m going to be dramatically less tolerant of any perceived threatening behavior than I’d grant pretty much anyone else.

I do not have to be tolerant of these assholes’ intolerance. And I’m sure as hell not going to wait until an actual violent act has already happened to keep this shit away from friends and family.

This isn’t a debate on what anyone’s favorite ice cream flavor is. This is about whether we have to suffer people actively promoting goddamn genocide in our society.

(and sorry LDoBe, though in response to your comment, obviously not directed at you :slight_smile: )


And you think that THAT is not political?


This is LITERALLY where we are. These guys have been around a while now, and are more in light because of the political situation.