Fun with False Equivalencies


History has already answered that question. Genocidal.


“no seriously, why stop at punching, they dont”

Honestly it’s because there is always some hope they will grow up and set aside their stupidity, and the vast majority of white supremacists haven’t killed anybody.

Punching is not typically a permanent solution, and tends to not cause lasting physical injury, so meh.

I would still rather see them get kicked in the balls though


But they all want to, right? Isn’t that what everyone’s saying? So if they want to kill you isn’t it your duty to pro-actively stop them (with a bullet)?

I’m not very good at punching, so can I use an axe handle? Can I break their legs? What about a little light kneecapping?

Oh, and by the way…


Reductio ad absurdum plus “slippery slope”. One more and you would have had a hat trick.


Absolutely not. Politics is the business of seeking power legitimately.

No one is defending Nazis here. Let’s just drop that nonsense. The only debate is whether or people should punch them.

Whatever. No one will care if a Nazi gets punched. The puncher might get hurt, or arrested, or worse. I think there’s something to lose and nothing to gain. I think people are just mad as hell. I am too, but I know better than to act on it.

To recap: no real moral jeopardy, small chance of legal trouble, big chance of injury. The Nazi will harden his beliefs. Lose-lose.


Well, aren’t you lucky that you have that choice?

Millions of us don’t; and when they come for us, it’s up to us to speak out and stand up for one another.

We didn’t start this fight, and we won’t just lay down and die; end of story.


More power to you.


What’s to be gained is fewer public displays of hatred and less intimidation toward vulnerable groups in the future.

No. Wrong. A good solid ass-kicking every weekend tends to dissipate their enthusiasm for Hugo Boss cosplay after a while. They have trouble finding new recruits, and eventually they turn to other hobbies.


Well, you could be right.



It won’t do a thing to sway the poisoned minds that are already at the ‘sunk cost’ stage; but it will likely deter passive-aggressive would-be fanboys and spineless button pushers who think its ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ to play around with hatred as if it’s some kind of game.

When they realize that ‘playing that game’ can have immediate and painful repercussions, perhaps then they’ll be far less inclined to participate…

Hatred is taught; likewise, so is the lesson that our words and actions have real life consequences.


Believing that the toilet paper roll should be installed so the part that hangs down is facing the wall is an “opinion.” I’ll argue against that opinion all day long, but I probably wouldn’t condone punching someone for expressing it.

Publicly espousing bigotry and the mass murder of millions isn’t an “opinion,” it’s a threat.

Last time we decided to let Nazis freely participate in the marketplace of ideas it led to the holocaust.


Since when has that been the definition of ‘politics’?

I don’t generally argument by dictionary, but neither do you get to be all Humpty-dumpty and decide for yourself what words mean.


How do you feel those definitions contradict mine?

Trying to achieve power through violence is not politics.

You shouldn’t call people names here.


I’m referring to the others in this thread. I don’t consider hate an opinion.



Wise words. There is no debating these fascist assholes.



I’m not calling you names, i’m making a literary allusion to Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’


I fail to see the contradiction. Now you are just quibbling over one word - legitimately. Semantics.

By your standard the two definitions linked are contradictory.

Violence is not politics. Period.

Finally, you referred to ME as Humpty, not my statement.


Telling someone they are “being X” or “being all X,” is not calling someone X. Given the vagaries of text, though, probably best to explicitly say “being like X,” but that’s really just pedantry.

Either way, if anyone has an issue with a post being personal or inappropriate - flag it. Don’t do it in the topic, it just derails the conversation.


Damn straight.



clauswitz would disagree with you . . .