Functional, animated Disneyland map Hallowe'en costume


The happiest costume on earth!

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Rob’s the best and a master of creative output. His culture pranks and his costumes alone are worth a deep dive for anyone who hasn’t read them.

I have no idea why a company hasn’t snapped him up for some really inventive, creative design and marketing.

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iiiit’s a small world aaaafter all…


I would like to point out that Cory has spelled Hallowe’en the proper way: with an apostrophe. My web browser’s spell check believes it is incorrect and offers “Halloween,” “Hallow e’en,” “Hallow-e’en,” “Hallowing,” and “Allhallows,” but it can fuck off.

…and his “member” is fitted with a top hat and occasionally pops out to recite the Gettysburg Address.

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