Funtionality request

Hi, So I am a useless coder. Proven repeatedly.

What I could really use is a client side doo-dad that changes images into litte buttons I can press to choose to download/show the image inline. It’s not an issue for most sites - as on most sites the images are ads and I don’t miss them, but in these threads there are a lot of funny gifs and personal pictures - both of which take a ton of bandwidth to arrive on my end. Not a problem with broadband, but I am often using a mobile solution for my laptop - and so it can make a thread where someone has had a photo-dump basically unreadable. When I have a broadband connection I like a good photo dump, but sometimes I’d like the option to see the conversation and click to see the images.

Any suggestions? Can we make a little embeddable photo album with thumbnails instead of full size photos?

Grateful for any suggestions or solutions!


Is @gwwar still around?

If you use Chrome a combination of these might solve it for you:

And you can use this to load individual images I believe:

Pretty sure there’s a similar workaround for Firefox.

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