Browser extensions to restore "View Image" and "Search By Image" to Google Image search results


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Or you could use DuckDuckGo, which has “View Image” and lets you specify you want animated GIFS (the main reason I use image search :wink: )


I found out if you right click you can sometimes view image and it works. Or takes you to the site to do it again. Depends on the site.



It was very silly that they removed the buttons to begin with. You could still view images, and “search by image” is a useful function that allows you to figure out where a picture might have originally come from, which would seem to me to be something rights-holders would want.


You can do that in google too. Under Tools -> Type -> Animated

(Not trying to ‘well actually’ you here, just saying so others who may not know will do)


From the Verge article, speaking about the “Search by Image” functionality:

The button may have been used by people to find un-watermarked versions of images they were interested in, which is likely part of why Google pulled it.

What’s funny about this is that I used to work as a copyright advisor at a university. Part of my role involved speaking to students and faculty about copyright. If students had found an image online they wanted to use, I often pointed to the “Search by Image” functionality as a good way for students to determine it’s origin, so that they could identify the creator, seek proper permission, and provide proper attribution.

But sure, let’s just go ahead and make that harder to do.


Yes but now you can’t view image.



Add View Image?
It requires your permission to:
• Access your data for sites in the domain
• Access your data for sites in the domain
• Access your data for sites in the domain
• Access your data in 193 other domains

What, exactly, does “access your data” mean? Is the developer collecting your search terms and results for some future use?


It’s for accessing and modifying the content in your browser window in all of Google’s domains (every google.[TLD]). It’s not malicious. The extension can be downloaded and examined if you don’t believe me.


You can, but not via a UI button. In decent browsers (e.g. Firefox), right mouse button -> view image. Poxy Microsoft Edge forces you to right mouse button -> save picture as.


human> “hey google, google google’s original motto.”
google> “Don’t be evil.” … “Fuuuuuuuucc…system shutdown.”


The plugin accesses your browsing data. It’s a little scary.


Your web browser can “access your browsing data”. That’s an empty statement and this post is rather suspiciously worded for a zero day old account.


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(Anyway) What’s the solution on mobile ?? My downloading of photos is super hindered right now


If you’re on Android and installed Firefox, you can long-press an image, and get a menu with two tabs (Link and Image). Select the Image tab, and there’s options to share, view copy location, save image, or set it as wallpaper.


Exactly the same since tech companies are widely known for astroturfing.


Hey now, that’s not very welcoming.


Go to the site. Look at the source code or just right click and copy the image URL. Then put that address in your browser bar and hit enter. Voila - you are looking at the image itself without a button.