Furry Road


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NOW it’s Burning Man.


Oh, there’s a con I want to see photos of…

Post Apocalyptic Furry Convention - finally, a reason for furries to be even less hygienic :-0



Some part of me thinks it should be a lizard. Are there any furries whose avatar is a reptile? I guess if there are they’re not really furries. They’d be “scalies”, I guess. I’m not making fun of it. If there are any scalies out there I’d like to talk to them about my car insurance.


There is some of this at 17:00


There certainly are scalies. At least in the art community, I’ve never met someone who cosplays as a scalie IRL. As far as the art goes, dragons are very popular, as are nagas, lamias, and medusa-like gorgon-type creatures.


Yeah I was going to mention the RLM review. But granted the pun is not really that clever, but hey… puns.


I don’t believe that. I don’t think you’re sorry at all.


A wilder gene would have gone with Fury Roald.


Oh, definitely. Though most of the suits seem to be plush. I bet you could do more a scale sensation with a lycra or some other synthetic fabric. If I remember correctly, the cheetah population prefers synthetics to fur for a trimmer look.

Anyways, cheers to all subcultures on and off the Internet!


Are you familiar with the writings of J.G.Ballard ? “Crash”,“The Atrocity Exhibition”,“Concrete Island”, would make a scary mash up…


That joke has been around ever since the new Mad Max title was revealed.


I would so go see that!

Although I think that was originally called Tank Girl.


I like this one better: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KittyCassandra?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count


Don’t be sorry, the fandom includes Mad Max fans! Behold, fan art:


Saw it yesterday. Meh.
Things I liked:

  • The idea of making a whole movie that is a car chase.
  • The knife in the shifter.
  • The flame thrower guitarist.
  • Lots of the vehicles.

Things that were disappointing:

  • The characters, or lack thereof.
  • The dialog.
  • The story.

charlize theron is a very good actor, but she, or the role, just didn’t offer much.

I suppose I am comparing it to Beyond Thunderdome, perhaps that is unfair of me.


Nope, should be “Mad Manx” except that might be copyrighted already.


Yes, but what would Gene Wilder have gone with?

(The wildest Gene I could find:)


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