Fyre festival organizers hit with $100 million fraud and breach of contract lawsuit

I was not at Fyre Festival and am not “crying a river” for Instagram Influencers who were inconvenienced by a lack of supermodels or foie gras, but I’m also a human being who has sympathy for someone in apparent physical distress from a lack of food, water, and air. The fact that you do not is a little terrifying.


Sounds like an evil plot by H. H. Holmes or my last holiday in Croatia.


So you quote one sentence among all of them and seemed to ignore this one entirely?

they are consumers who paid for a service and were mistreated by the expectation of what the service was supposed to be. Simply put: they got jobbed. Fine. No one deserves that.

No. They don’t deserve it. There have been multiple reports about the costs and fees, and I have seen in multiple news outlets the 4k-100k figure cited. Additionally, I think there is a difference between a $4,000 Cruise/vacation and ponying up $4,000 for a music fest that clearly pushed an agenda of awesome music, unlimited drinks, and sex sex sex. It was hyped like a Girls Gone Wild Spring Break style party in the Bahamas. That doesn’t seem like a well thought out vacation choice.

Did they deserve the consequences of a horridly planned festival…no. Does it have anything to do with their age…no. Did any of this seem like good choices were made from start to finish by anyone involved…no.

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I am torn on this festival. Schadenfreude makes me want to snark and revel at the plight of vapid instagramers and the like. However reading the accounts of what the people that went out there went through it is really terrifying and perilous.

No one deserves to go through that. I hope the festival organizers get what’s coming to them.


okay guys, lets not turn this thread into a dumpster fyre…


Ok, so you don’t feel sorry for them… but they didn’t deserve to get ripped off? Ok.

Also BI is reporting the prices as from $450 to $12000.



You know, I am willing to share some Schadenfreude when someone say gets their new $5000 Coach bag chewed up by their tea cup poodle.

But in this case you not only have people getting ripped off, but it was rather unsafe conditions. It is hard for me to take glee in that.


New images are making it look fairly sinister…


So, who else suspects that a sacrificial LLC to keep any pesky litigation away from the organizers’ assets was one of the preparations they found time in their hectic schedule to make?


Pretty much how i feel. I think the whole “suckers being separated from their money” part wouldn’t bother me any, but this was something else entirely.


was it ever. this was “make it to the text books as an example” bad.


raises hand

I’ve done design and art work for some groups who are in fact an LLC and they have in the past misused and represented my work. So, they asked me again to do some work for them and I asked them to sign a fair use document outlining what they could and could not do with my art/designs…to protect BOTH parties.

They balked and decided to not accept any work from me. Funny how groups will use their status to protect themselves, but not to protect those they work with or for.


I wonder if that portion of dune that is connected by that roadway is what they were considering to be “a private island”?

What if this festival was a low key Lord of the Flies homage?


That’s my guess; to play devil’s advocate, I can see that in their diagram they were trying to just display their area of the island and “slice” off the back to make room for the map legend. But they used the same color of blue as the ocean and declared that it was a “private island”, so unless you did a side-by-side comparison with a map, it’s pretty deceptive.


the catering would have been better…fresh piggy.


My guess? They’ll offer refunds, quickly, in return for indemnification before anything else picks up steam.


Fyre. It burns.

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$450/person was for a day pass for the concerts. The more average $4000/person ticket was for a two-day festival including charter airfare (from one of a few airports) and “VIP” lodging and “gourmet” food and general admission views of a few concerts by B- and C-list musical acts – those things can be delivered for well under $800/day.

It sounds like most of the victims at this level were really paying for what was marketed, and something they never were going to get: the exclusive chance to live like a billionaire who hangs out with supermodels and rock stars on a private island and who is waited on hand-and-foot by servants.

The fact that the organisers couldn’t even deliver on the basics just highlights the larger scam, which victimised people with more money than sense who were looking to buy an empty aspirational product. When 10%ers and the children of 1%ers feel they have the ability overspend to live like 0.1%ers it’s natural that you’ll see a lot less sympathy, even if they end up living like refugees from the lowest rungs of the global 99% for a couple of days.