G4S rips off UK government for £24M, wants to continue receiving government contracts


Good to see they rejected the offer of repayment. My guess is that the £24.1m is just G4S throwing numbers at the wall hoping they stick. After the dust settles, the actual amount will most likely be much higher.


They offered a Credit note, not a repayment. They really are scumbags.


When I was a kid I laboured under the misapprehension that adults had a fucking clue what they were doing.


“The way in which this contract was managed was not consistent with our values …”
“… we have changed the leadership of our UK business…”
“We remain committed to working with the ministry and the UK government …”
— Almanza said.

Hur hur. Almanza funny.

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Yes, but the way Mr. Doctorow worded it seemed like the MoJ was just going to waive the overcharges.

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The tragedy is that they will get more government contracts. The saga of the last 20 years is the gradual dismantling of state services in favour of these giant, unaccountable companies (see also Serco). There isn’t an alternative to the likes of G4S even if any prospective government wanted to not hand taxpayers money over hand-over-fist.

G4S is also at the heart of the case of Jimmy Mubenga an Angolan who was to be deported from the UK. Their staff forcibly held him down on board an airliner despite his pleas to be released and the complaints of other passengers. Mubenga died. G4S had previously been warned that its staff were using excessive force and were guilty of racism. Incredibly, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution, despite several passengers on the plane being willing to testify.

Older UKers will remember, Group 4 as it was, repeatedly losing prisoners when they first got government work. Since then they’ve only continued to surprise us in their ability to find new and increasingly appalling ways of screwing up.

And don’t think their mistakes are limited to the UK, G4S owns Wackenhut which has a less than eviable record running American prisons and protecting US military bases.

Holy shit bro–24M pisses you off? I believe it’s in the EULA for the US of A that any citizen who is thought to have been upset at the idea of any fraud, waste, or abuse under 500M is flogged repeatedly and then forced to watch old OSHA videos. Actually, I think the OSHA thing is a second-strike punishment. See also Blackwater, Xe, ACADEMI, Halliburton, etc.

And I’m STILL consistently misreading G4S as G&S on first glance.

But I don’t think Gilbert and Sullivan ripped off anyone.

G4S sounds like an abbreviation from the personal ads, like M4W or GSOH. I’m still trying to figure out what G4S would mean though. Guy for simian? Gagging for sex?

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