Gab Dissenter Is Reddit For Nazis

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Gab Dissenter is essentially Reddit, but for Nazis: you can start threads around anything or based on links (“a comment section for the internet”, as the nazi-supported company calls it). And it’s really shitty: no moderation.

even Voat (the reddit clone for racists) had some level of “moderation”.


Only a design flaw if you don’t WANT everything to sink to the lowest and most vile level possible


buffoon-net could be the future.


Does it have a store ?

Ideally, this would mean that a bunch of leftists would show up and troll the Nazis to exhaustion. In practice, though, your version is what’s going to happen.

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It’s the “never wrestle with a pig” problem.

Where everything becomes so awful that everyone else runs away, where everything is exhaustively trolled, Nazis is who’s left over. The exhausting troll pit is their natural environment. There is no equivalent on the left. The goal on the left is not to be as horrible as possible.


I think you’d be surprised. It’s remarkably civil.

So was the East India Company, if you asked its own proponents.



I suppose there’s some reason you’ve shown up here all of a sudden, out of the blue, shilling for Gab, other than being an alt-right hatemonger yourself?

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I’m sure that the Nazis are quite civil when talking about murdering antifa and stringing up Black people, sure.


Is “antifa” really a thing, or is it some sort of boogeyman that they conjured up, as they’re so fond of doing?

It’s absolutely a thing, as in, protesters who are anti-fascism and go to Nazi/white-supremacy rallies to counter-protest. The alt-right have fashioned an image of antifa as the ultimate left-wing evil who go to their nice lovely peaceful alt-right picnics to murder people (whereas the opposite is literally the truth).


Good way to explain it… that’s another favorite right-wing tactic, then: projection.


I thought large sections of Reddit were Reddit for Nazis?


I thought Voat was the reddit clone for people who hate fat people?

Antifa were around for years before Trumpism and Brexit. Their obscurity before those dates tells you everything you need to know about how much of a threat they are to non-fascists.


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