Gallery of objects that fit pleasingly into spaces


A USB-b connection fits into a phone jack

“Now why in the fukken hell is the printer/fax not connecting to the computer?”

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Why do pasta spoons have holes in them?

Genuine question, no punch line I’m afraid.

Let’s just assume it’s a dude that made this page. He should totally marry the tidy up lady. And there is some kind of awful joke in there about things fitting pleasingly into spaces but I’m not going there. :slight_smile:


Things Fitting Perfectly Into Things - a tumblog of greatness.


Because people lacking enough cooking skills to measure one serving of spaghetti just might be savvy enough to realize the hole is a measurement device to aid in the task. There are all kinds of fancy gadgets to help measure pasta servings…

Of course, some pasta spoons just have slots or small holes, and I figure that is to aid in draining when checking for doneness. The example above has both measurement holes and drainage holes!


That’s no spoon!
A spork at best, though some may insist it’s a comb.

But in all seriousness, I always thought it was foolish to assume all uncooked, stranded pastas have the same density.

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Or that there is an entire market devoted to said measurement products.

and sparking joy!!!

It’s a wonderful joke - ChickieD

I have this bizarre desire to one day sort my son’s 50 billion Lego pieces by color into separate containers.

The Skittles…oh my… *fans self*
Why does that please me so much?

Those pictures are soothing, somehow.

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Capltan: my wife and I are thinking you are our (wo)man. For over a decade we have remarked on the joy of filling a jar perfectly to the brim with rice, etc., wondering what the word for this pleasure is. I figured Germans would have a word for this, but my German father did not know the word. I have even asked a couple linguists, without success. Not even the Tierra del Fuegans…well. You have this tumblog on the topic, so you must know. Anyone else, with a more OCD language, have the word that fits?

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