Gallery of off-label fake butter brands


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That last one is A+, i got a good laugh out of that.




Marketing suggestion:

“LARD. . . Damn Right It’s Not Butter.”


I have a jar of rendered bacon fat in my fridge from every time i cook some up. I use it for cooking various dishes and I’ve been mulling over getting silicone butter molds so i can heat up the bacon fat and pour it, making myself some delicious bacon sticks.

I’m pretty sure i’m doing this, just need to get around buying the molds.


As someone with an intolerance to milk, I learned long ago that almost none of the margarine products offered for sale in the supermarket were things I could eat. If I’m desperate for an oily spread and don’t see one of the brands I know to be safe, then the only part of the package I’m going to be looking at is the ingredients list to determine if it’s one of those unicorns that is completely dairy free. 99% of the time, I save myself the hassle and just buy vegan margarine from the health food store.

So, tasting like butter is the last thing I want in a margarine. All of these tubs might as well be labeled “tastes just like rat poison!” or “I can’t believe it’s not cyanide!” as far as I’m concerned.

However, one thing I do know from my distant childhood memories of eating whatever I wanted without bothering to read ingredients - no matter how much various margarines may claim to taste like butter, none of them actually do so.


Ceci n’ect-ce pas la buerre.

(I’m sure I mangled that!)


They shouldn’t have included Move Over Butter with those others. It’s its own distinct brand, not a knockoff.


Butter is sort of nice, but i find it largely wasted on me. Doesn’t elicit any reaction from the flavor that’s any different from using a good oil.




My wife doesn’t speak English as her first language, and she comes home with one of these damn tubs of “butter” about once a year.


Oh, man, the President’s Choice one “Memories of Butter” is the best.

They have a line of ethnic suburban-mom friendly sauces named after a place, rather than the flavour. So Memories of Seoul for a Gochujang-ish sauce. Memories of Tuscany for a Figs+Balsamic sauce. etc.

So, Memories of Butter is on point.

– They also refuse to pay licensing for the Moose Tracks ice cream flavour name, so they go with “Elk Crossing”. Genius!


Easy rule: butter comes in sticks - either salted or unsalted


I have no trouble believing this isn’t butter.


Some margarine also comes in sticks.


I’d have gone with:
“C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas le beurre”


It’s a bonnie oil spread.
But it’s not butter!


“Memories of Butter”?

Sounds like a brand likely to be served at an assisted-living facility.


For butter to be used, and to good effect, do as French cooks have done: Use a HUGE amount of it for each recipe. Doing that throws flavor at you and adds additional texture.