Gallery of Russian criminal tattoo police file photos


Eye tattoos are made by inserting a metal spoon under the eyelid so that the ‘needle’ doesn’t pierce the eye.

That phrase gives me the Jibblies.


Then don’t do an image search for Scleral tattooing


Always did think that tattoos were little more than bar codes for the authorities…

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wow, is that a real thing? just when you think you’ve seen it all…


Four dollars dollar bills? No doubt why he is in jail!

-Hey Dimitri, what are you printing?
-An bill.
-A four dollar bill?
-Yeah, I though that one dollar was too little but five was too much. So I settled for four,
-Uh… makes sense.

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Double-Jibblies. Woogely boogely bogogoaboooooobl.


I remember joking with a friend back in early '90’s that bone piercing was going to be the next big thing. I never would have though of this though. I’m going to stay away from Google for a bit.

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For some reason, that doesn’t creep me out as much. I think maybe because touching the eye with the needle is what you’re trying to do there, rather than just being a potential accidental side-effect… Not something I’d ever do, mind you, but it doesn’t wig me as much as something that could be an ‘oops’ moment…

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If this subject interests you, you may also like these books Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia volumes 1 - 3 “Danzig Baldaev’s unparalleled ethnographic achievement, documenting over 3,000 tattoo drawings, was made during a lifetime working as a prison guard.” All three volumes are in my local library’s collection (Portland, OR).


I have one of the volumes of that set and dang if there aint some creepy stuff in there.

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