Garden: XKCD's latest maddening, relaxing webtoy


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It just sits there loading.

The only thing more maddening than a new XKCD webtoy is a new XKCD webtoy you can’t play with.


Might work after a refresh, it did on mine. Though it looks like it’s getting slammed today, as word gets out about it.

[edit] Definitely slammed. I’ve had a few things grow in the last half hour, but every now and then it tries to refresh and gets stuck at the spinning tree.

(Got a lot more so far than when I was playing with this yesterday, when all I got after over an hour was what looked like a turtle. Those tentacles are worrying, though…)


Lots of interesting gardens in the reddit thread:


Ran it for hours yesterday and got nothing. The proverbial brown thumb.


I haven’t played this game yet, but I do garden. Remember three four things.

  • vegetative and blooming wavelengths are different.
  • plants react to changes–they have a lifespan just like we do. Light is a factor, but one of many.
  • our mighty sun will beat the pants off of any lamp.
  • big/tall plants aren’t always healthy plants. Compact with big roots win the race.


Yeah, I’m a min/maxer.


Doesn’t even start loading in Firefox - the browser (correctly) blocks the Garden script because it’s not delivered securely.


I started it soon after he published it. I played with the lights, and checked back occasionally over about nine hours. Interesting things were happening, people appeared, then it froze and went permanently to the loading screen. sad.


So that was what I was doing wrong. I messed with the lights and was wondering what I was waiting for, then just quit.


I get the same result in Chrome. No gardening due to insecure script delivery.


@doctorow if you have a back channel to Randall, a polite bug report/nudge would be cool. We need to garden :smiley:


My garden is full of cats and not a lot else.


you’re lucky. I got donkeys.


I got a deer, a bird bath, and a sickly tree. You can prune the tree.


I’m getting a desk with a chair…


There’s also the lovely negative-space non-image of two penises about to “kiss”:


“I got a rock.”


A desk with a chair will probably sit better. But in an garden? I Would love to have a big rock in the garden :wink: