Gasolina motorcycle boots


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affluent metal kids wore these in the 70’s…jus sayin


Dunno if it’s condemnation or praise that this aging midwestern mom who wears almost exclusively one pair of jeans and a handful of woot tees covets these boots (probably the former).


Despite the suggestion that there’s complicated measurements, it’s just a simple set of measurements to pick from a normal set of lasts. So after getting my hopes up that these might be custom made to fit anyone’s feet, they’re dashed in that there’s roughly zero chance that I can get something like this that will fit mine.


I have to say that I prefer no-heel sole boots. Less ankle action required for shifting.

(boots listed are only a model. actual affordable boots with crepe sole available elsewhere)


I wonder if Gasolina knows Disasterina.


Or you could just go to the ‘army/navy’ store and some surplus ‘jungle boots’ for 30 dollars.
And they’re sexy too .


OMG this is amazing. Forced Entry…Tactical boot. (guess the sling and lube is optional).


As a poor student I acquired a pair of NATO standard despatch rider’s boots. They were built to trample thrones and empires under your feet. One of them saved my right foot when a moron in a Jaguar decided he was supposed to drive down the middle of the road at me. (the entire side of the Jag had a beautiful crease from the end of the gear lever; he drove off without giving his details.)

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