Boots that leave swastika footprint recalled amid fuhrer


As always, come for the Godwin, stay for the comments:

  • “Good for marching into Poland, but not so good for much else”.
  • “nein out of 10”
  • “Heilly recommended”



I know, reich?


Those boots are jacked up.


But I’ll bet the’re really good for stepping over geese


The laces are great for tying a nice strong nazi.


I did nazi that! Good catch. Of course the double-walled insulation can also help you on two fronts.


Are these boots any good for trooping? Specifically, through storms?


Absolutely. They’re also rated for 30 degree Lebeau zero. I just hope they throw the responsible bootmaker in the Klink.


You sure those are geese? They seem to goebbels.


Yes, but it requires a lot of concentration. They were intended to win a master race, but they didn’t do so well in Russia.

@Mister_Eppy: Recalled you say? Is that their final solution? Will they be reissued in orange in seventy years?


Wow. That’s like a Drew Curtis headline. Nice.


You should see the matching shirts.


Can they get you to the trains on time?


Yes, but they’re mainly for camp personnel. Also not recommended for long walks on the beach.



They would be good for Trumping though France.


Yes, but make sure you Gott mit uns to keep your hands warm.


No, they squeeze you if you complain that the trains are still late.