These boots from GORUCK are crazy comfortable


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These boots are made for walkin’
and that’s what they’re gonna do


I love the picture; it makes it look like the boot is the size of a car, parked in the driveway.


Perhaps it’s a house and an old woman with lots of children lives there…


These boots from GORUCK are crazy comfortable

Well that’s probably because you’ve got them on the right feet.


For boots that dress up nicely for office and semi-formal occasions, Allen Edmonds has some very, very nice ones. While they are a little bit more expensive, they are exceptionally durable. They do go on sale every now and then, so timing your purchase is a good idea. (They do not appear to be on sale now…)


Try Inov8 Roclite 325 GTX. Slightly less weight at size 45.5, very good climate inside.




Are these guys available for hire? If so, I’ve got a job for 'em. :wink:


Meindle Desert Fox boots are issued to the British Army for wearing in hot dry environments, and are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn, they’re not dissimilar to these boots, but the leather is suede rather than smooth. They turn up on eBay quite regularly, I’ve got four pairs, didn’t pay more than £38 for any of them, they retail for around £170…


Do they come in blue?


*this article was brought to you by GORUCK INC.

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