Bullet-lined knee-high wedge-boots

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They look so comfy.


Are they available in Ugg style? Tough is nice, granted, but it’s nice to be comfortable, too.


Not a good idea, I suppose, to wear these when planning to fly.


And light weight!


Read “women’s” as “made in only a few very small sizes”…


Or crossing the border.

Americans who fail to declare their gun collection at the Canadian border when driving up to Alaska - leading to the guns being taken away and melted down - can be really testy. Do the NRA types ever make a scene when they can’t take their guns on the plane?


Demonia boots are usually lighter than they look because almost all their platforms are foam core. Less durable but easier to dance in and brings down the price a tiny bit.

They also tend to be more comfortable than you’d expect, many have a bit of padding inside. They’ve always been easier for me to break in than Dr Marten’s, and I’ve never owned a pair of New Rock’s so I can’t compare there.


Very handy when you want to shoot yourself in the foot but can’t be bothered to get your gun.


Suddenly putting your foot in your mouth got a whole lot more regrettable.


Wat? Of course you can take guns on a plane. Just not in your carry-on, and not if you look like, you know, one of them.

It tickles me that I’ve just linked a Daily Fail article with video by Mark @Frauenfelder!


Or while black.


My concern would be the poly construction. Dr Martens have leather uppers. Poly’s like latex, cost effective and cool looking, but doesn’t breath at all. On the other hand, boots like this would cost north of $250 in leather, and these appear to go for in the neighborhood of $150.

But they sure as shit look bad-ass :slight_smile:


Yeah there is a general consensus that Demonia’s are “occasion” boots, not to be worn more than once a week for club nights and events. The platforms often have to be re-glued after 2 or 3 years.

I had a pair last 9 years with no problems before the foam core disintegrated but I was wearing them maybe once a month. I’d actually like to see if I could get the old platforms removed and the soles just attached flat b/c I really love them. The removable spike panels make them count as 2 pairs for me.

I briefly had another pair that was crazy comfortable and padded on the inside but too tall for me to stay on my feet. I fell on my ass every 10 or 15 minutes in those.

I’ve been told New Rock’s are the way to go if you want something that looks like this but with real quality, but they are both super expensive and super heavy.

My daily boots are often Dr Marten’s.


Or as soon as you get them, if the two Amazon reviews are to be believed. Though that big of a boot with all that stuff on it for $100 bucks, what do you expect?

Though they are a neat design. The shin bandoliers are actually fairly practical.

I don’t have any New Rock anymore, but mine were super heavy. People usually swore at the weight if they picked one up to examine it. But despite the weight, they were quite comfortable.


Do-able, but not something your average cobbler or shoe repair shop is going to tackle. If it isn’t stitch-down construction, they don’t usually want to try to replace the outsoles. It can be done, but you’ll either need a Maker who likes experimenting, or you could have a go at it yourself; worse case you’re out a pair of boots you’d be out anyway. Way I figure, if you like them, hang on to them until you the opportunity to fix them presents itself.


And they’re TSA compliant.

In what sense?


They take a while to break in because the uppers are quite stiff, but after that, yes, they are actually quite comfy. At least the non-bullet versions are.

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