Gatebox is a $2700 holographic cosplay assistant


Yes, even better! Team work!

Note, I am available as a part time editor and payable in vintage Star Wars Figures.


321K yen is just the initial payment. After it’s been recording you for a few months, you start getting the BIG bills.


I predict tentacles same day as release.


That’s what I thought it was going to be to. I am disappoint.


I know it’s fashionable to mock lonely salarymen, and the pricepoint is a bit crazy.

But I absolutely see the appeal of an Alexa-like product that also has an avatar, and could communicate with me via text messages. I mean yeah, my family isn’t in the market for a waifu, but if you had other options like a little Totoro creature or something else cute and non-sexual, my kids would absolutely love using it.


Sure, but that film was an indie about a man who forms a platonic bond with a sex toy.
I believe you’re really thinking about Spike Jones’s movie Her (2013) in wich Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with Siri.


Recently I noticed that Spotify has started to make monthly virtual mix tapes for me, based on my listening habits. They’re surprisingly good.
I already have most of my kitchen appliances hooked up to timers. It saves energy and gets breakfast started earlier. Syncing them via an app is the next available step.

I could go on, but isn´t it mostly just the waifu aspect of this gadget that we find sad and creepy? If I were to, say, re-skin it with a Dobby the House Elf theme, or make the hologram look like Stephen Fry playing Jeeves, wouldn’t it be hella cool?


Probably a Tengu sleeve in there


So, no real fried eggs? Bah.

Also, no virtual boyfriend for lonely women or gay men?


Then you come home early one day and find she’s screwing the roomba.


If you think there is a business opportunity then why don’t you make this very thing?


Probably because I have no coding skills whatsoever, to start with…


Trying not to be too judgy, really I am, but the ad at least is unbelievably sad. There are lots of people who don’t have a physical person to come home to, but surely they’d prefer to send texts and spend time with an online friend who is a real person somewhere, rather than deluding themselves with a rudimentary chatbot?


Deeply depressing advert. But I do think this might help some people with anxiety and intimacy issue.


I assume that the ‘sad and creepy’/‘japan weird anime sex’ angle is getting all the attention because otherwise the product is basically just Amazon’s little surveillance puck in a more sophisticated box; which is pretty thin material to talk about. Especially since the product appears to be a simple short-throw projection onto a semitransparent screen, nothing particularly ‘holographic’.


How annoying to have an Alexa or Cortana or Siri that nags you 12x a day to come home when you are working. I get the need for human interaction, but this doesn’t seem to include any of the good parts of human interaction.

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