Gatebox is a $2700 holographic cosplay assistant


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This is just so sad, the way it hijacks our natural response to human interaction and being needed, making us imagine that we’re fulfilled when we’re just talking to a gimmick.

I want one.




Virtual girlfriend mated with home automation. Brilliant idea! But, what they left out was the inevitable virtual stripper / porn module. Lonely nerds rejoice!

The product demo clip is just, well, sad.


I’ll wait until the eventual Hatsune Miku version comes out




Azuma Hikari likes donuts, but she dislikes insects.


There was an episode of Gravity Falls that warns us about this tech. .GIFfany was bad. Very bad.


Is there an, uh, upgrade port anywhere? If so shut up and take my money!

So it’s a Pepper’s Ghost animated ‘assistant’ that flirts with you and sends you texts? How unspeakably lonely do you have to be? wow

Wasn’t there a movie “Lars and the Real Girl” based on a swedish film or something?


Odd thing for a coffee machine to be able to do.


I am so disappointed. From the headline:

Gatebox is a $2700 holographic cosplay assistant

It should be:

Gatebox is a $2700 holographic cosplaying assistant

The headline makes it sound like it would help people cosplay, but that simply is not the case.


Same issue.

I think you need to switch the adjectives:

Gatebox is a $2700 cosplaying holographic assistant


… and all watched over by machines of loving grace.


Someone will eventually make the F*ckbit add-ons.


Half my brain is critical about the direction humanity seems to be taking and the other half of my brain is like: Take my money!

Although being married, I feel owning one would fair as well as the lamp in A Christmas Story. :unamused:


“It’s a major award!”


Ralphie as Adult: [narrating] Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.


Then there’s Gatesbox:


I came to make a snarky comment about its water resistance, but instead: Holy soul crushing loneliness, Batman!