Gather 'round for the return of Earthworm Jim

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It would be cool if Doug TenNapel could not get any money from this.


He may have some sort of royalty thing going. But that would tend be a bit odd for the games industry at the time.

But I don’t believe he owned the character or the rights to it. He sold them to Shiny during development, and via the long chain of who bought who. Looks like they’re currently owned by what’s left of Interplay.

Who aren’t really know for paying people, even when they’re supposed to.

So there’s a reasonable chance he’s not seeing a dime, as he doesn’t seem to be involved at all.


Fartman, the best game that didn’t ever exist back then and was actually called Boogerman.

Earthworm Jim is an annoying, ugly character created by a loathsome fascist misogynist asshole who nobody should be being giving money to.

I remember in the early 00s he briefly joined an art forum I was a part of and posted some poorly-drawn pro-forced-birth comic he made. It understandably received criticism of both its form and content, and he responded by throwing a major tantrum, crowing about what a big deal professional artist he was, and how the scrubs on this forum were just jealous (NVM that the scrubs on the forum included folks like Bryan Lee O’Malley, soon-to-be creator of Scott Pilgrim, Adi Granov, who went on the design the Iron Man suit of the movies, and the Rhodes brothers who were instrumental in art directing Bioware’s flagship Mass Effect and Dragon Age games).


I never watched the cartoon or any of the other media back in the day, but the game was fun and wonderful character animation.

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That’s not super surprising. I crossed paths with him one year and he was one of the very few people I’ve met at Comic-con who just wasn’t friendly or even all that nice (and I dealt with a LOT of industry folks while I was there).


Regardless of the perceived quality or lack-there-of of the original character and media tie-ins, this latest bit seems well animated and the while the tone of the humor in that teaser still leans toward the standard cartoon slapstick stuff, his dialog seems better than anything from the original. I’m interested in seeing if they do a new video game as well.

I thought it was Earthworm Gym for the longest time. The strange constructs I built in my mind trying to figure out how that would even work were shattered when I found out the truth.

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