Gay Florida cop relieved of duty after pulling gun on hookup who stole his wallet

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I’m thinking it’s because his glasses are rectangular.


There is a silver lining here.

“Reyes was relieved of duty with pay pending MPD’s ongoing internal affairs investigation into the incident.” (Emphasis Mine)

Hope he enjoys the vacation. Sounds like he can use it.

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…a silver lining? Huh. I thought we didn’t like cops escalating towards gun violence round these parts.

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Who is this we?

well, props to him for being out in his job, i guess. that’s gotta be hard to do in a police environment alone, let alone in florida.


More than that - he was elected the Union President.

“ Miami police sergeant and union president Tommy Reyes”


I wonder what it is about the gay cop in Florida which means the thin blue line isn’t there for him.

It’s a puzzle, but Black cops who pull their weapons when they shouldn’t might want to give that question some thought as well.


What is wrong with rectangular glasses? Asking for a friend.

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Welcome to Episode Seven in which he learns the thin blue line is not the same as the thin rainbow-colored line.

Fuck this guy for letting down his community; gays and unions come in for enough hate as it is.

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If he had only stopped at simply getting his wallet back. Stop and think first. Remember that.

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Close. We don’t like cops

Now we see there is a very particular line the cops can’t cross when it comes to using their authority — and lethal weapons — to threaten others.

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