Gender creative kid mocked by James Woods named Pride Parade Grand Marshal

i didn’t specify with what


Fair enough, though you’re still too kind…



No problem. I think Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde is brilliant (his use of atonality therein lead directly to modern classical music), although the guy was effing rotten to the core:


Isn’t James “definitely not a cocaine addict” Woods the guy who sued someone for saying he was addicted to cocaine? Is he supposed to be famous for something else?

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I remember having a surreal conversation with my dad when I was in high school; he was a teacher and had apparently seen a lot of guys getting the single earring thing that was cool back then.
DAD: Are earrings on guys a trend in your school, too?
ME: Oh yeah, I see it a lot.
DAD (casually): Ever think about getting one?
ME: Eeehhh, maybe. Not a big priority but…
DAD (suddenly agitated): Make sure you do research first! It’s important! Because it’s a CODE! One ear makes you straight and the other one makes you GAY!
ME: O-okay, Dad. Will do.


Was this actually a real thing? There was definitely a rule about which ear to get a single earring in when I was a teenager, but I wondered at the time whether it was based on anything. I guess if enough people spread this rumour then it would have been a self-fulfilling social norm.


My dad is about the same on piercings and whatnot. Also learned recently that he thinks that guys with tattoos must be either criminals or gay, women with tattoos are sluts. Ok then. At this point i’m tempted to get a piercing and a tattoo to see how that goes.


Yep; sadly so.


I liked it better when I thought James Woods was only playing psychopaths.


I remember the “rule” changing every few months. Suddenly your “straight” earring was now on the “gay” side. But, I mean, this was teenagers so who knows if it was even real or kids just being dicks.


I assume that by the time it was widely known among highschool students actual gay men had moved on from it. Covert signals have to constantly shift or they stop being covert.


Had a family friend who was in the navy. Once when I was a kid we were having a discussion about tattoos for whatever reason, and I was thinking aloud and said that maybe if I were to get a tattoo (and this was very much a hypothetical because I was all of maybe 10 or so) that maybe I’d get a parrot (because I liked parrots). His response was along the lines of “No! You don’t want to do that because that’s something that gay men do!”

Lotta compassion, judgement, kindness, and toxic masculinity wrapped up all together in that dude…


Yes, and which ear signified gaiety changed depending on whether you were on the East or West coast of the USA. (I have no idea what went on in between the coastlines).

I took a trip to Cali at one point and got an unexpected education in this. :slight_smile:

Many years ago I happened to run into a (very large, very masculine, very dark-skinned, super nice) guy who’d been a big football hero in my High School, and he had earrings in both ears. That was very unusual at the time, so I asked him about it, and he grinned and said “I want to make sure there’s no mistake”. I hadn’t realized he was gay until that moment so I guess it worked!


I distinctly remember a whole episode of Third Rock from the Sun where Dick got one ear pierced because he thought it was a secret code for being an alien, cue hilarious sitcom hijinks in gay bars. I distinctly do not remember which ear it was, though.

Yeah, it was sadly.But at least @nungesser 's dad was “progressive” enough to know it was a thing and not just do the “only a fag wears earrings” bullshit.

I take small victories any where I can find them.

And to the train above about fuck James Woods…its a hard pass no matter what with. James Woods and people like him need to simply drop dead off this planet. I care less about them suffering or not or whatever…just GTFO and do not come back.


That’s an insult to the many hard working and talented professional voice actors out there.


Pink made you gender creative, salmon made you a preppy.


I never watched that show. Thinking back, it seems like it had a really strong cast.

When I was in the 80s I’m pretty sure even knowing the difference between pink and salmon would have jumped right over “gender creative”.


3rd Rock from The Sun is a fantastic show, i still occasionally quote scenes from it with my brothers.


Really? So, you decided to read that as doing voice work is what makes James Woods irrelevant. That’s all you buddy.
I was illustrating how little work he was getting. But hey, you gotta take offense, go for it. No skin off my nose.