Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin

Agree, but the left has never made a dent like that in the DNC in a long time and cannot be ignored. I look forward to Ellison and Sanders continuing to push things forward.




Dems continue to loudly declare that they’d prefer to stay as the loyal “opposition” to a fascist plutocracy if the alternative is to actually represent working Americans.



Greenwald called it just right before the installation of Perez.

it seems Democratic leaders prioritize ensuring that the left has no influence in their party over strengthening itself to beat the Trump-led Republicans…the Democratic Party continues to venerate loyalty to its oligarchical donors above all else


The “why talk to my constituents, I don’t have to face an election for 6 years” approach?


Does Rubio think that a mysterious organizing force is giving all activists instructions?

Gosh, Marco, maybe every single answer you give is deeply unpopular and angers the constituents who you’re actively hurting. That couldn’t be the reason they’re heckling you.


Everyone knows Sean Spicer was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim enemy agent.




This guide is the “Instructions” that Rubio is saying that they’ve been given.



  1. Get there early, meet up, and get organized. Meet outside or in the parking lot for a quick huddle before the event. Distribute the handout of questions, and encourage members to ask the questions on the sheet or something similar.
  1. Get seated and spread out. Head into the venue a bit early to grab seats at the front half of the room, but do not all sit together. Sit by yourself or in groups of two, and spread out throughout the room. This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.
  1. Make your voices heard by asking good questions. When the MoC opens the floor for questions, everyone in the group should put their hands up and keep them there. Look friendly or neutral so that staffers will call on you. When you’re asking a question, remember the following guidelines:
    Stick with the prepared list of questions. Don’t be afraid to read it straight from the printout if you need to.
    Be polite but persistent, and demand real answers. MoCs are very good at deflecting or dodging questions they don’t want to answer. If the MoC dodges, ask a follow-up question. If they aren’t giving you real answers, then call them out for it. Other group members around the room should amplify by either booing the MoC or applauding you.
    Don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer. If you’ve asked a hostile question, a staffer will often try to limit your ability to follow up by taking the microphone back immediately after you finish speaking. They can’t do that if you keep a firm hold on the mic. No staffer in their right mind wants to look like they’re physically intimidating a constituent, so they will back off. If they object, then say politely but loudly: “I’m not finished. The MoC is dodging my question. Why are you trying to stop me from following up?”
    Keep the pressure on. After one member of the group finishes, everyone should raise their hands again. The next member of the group to be called on should move down the list of questions and ask the next one.
  1. Support the group and reinforce the message. After one member of your group asks a question, everyone should applaud to show that the feeling is shared throughout the audience. Whenever someone from your group gets the mic, they should note that they’re building on the previous questions — amplifying the fact that you’re part of a broad group.
  1. Record everything! Assign someone in the group to use their smart phone or video camera to record other advocates asking questions and the MoC’s response. While written transcripts are nice, unfavorable exchanges caught on video can be devastating for MoCs. These clips can be shared through social media and picked up by local and national media. Please familiarize yourself with your state and local laws that govern recording, along with any applicable Senate or House rules, prior to recording. These laws and rules vary substantially from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

“They are instructed to boo no matter what answer I give” is a gross mischaracterization of the “Be polite but persistent, and demand real answers” point (unless every answer you give falls into the “not a real answer” category, which, with Rubio, I wouldn’t be surprised).


Sounds awful.

Everyone knows only people who voted for the person who won is allowed to speak to them, and even then, only to tell them how great they are.

Politicians being held accountable to their constituents? Sounds awful.


Also from that guide:


Congratulations! Your Senators and Representative are doing what they should to fight racism, authoritarianism, and corruption. They’re making the right public statements, co-sponsoring the right bills, and voting the right way. So how does this change your strategy? Two key things to keep in mind:

Do NOT switch to targeting other MoCs who don’t represent you. They don’t represent you, and they don’t care what you have to say. Stick with your own local MoCs.

DO use this guide to engage with your MoCs locally. Instead of pressuring them to do the right thing, praise them for doing the right thing. This is important because it will help ensure that they continue to do the right thing. Congressional staff are rarely contacted when the MoC does something good — your efforts locally will provide highly valuable positive reinforcement.

DO use this guide to engage with your MoCs locally. Instead of pressuring them to do the right thing, praise them for doing the right thing. This is important because it will help ensure that they continue to do the right thing. Congressional staff are rarely contacted when the MoC does something good — your efforts locally will provide highly valuable positive reinforcement.

How anti-democratic, a guide telling you to praise your representative when they do something you like, and hold them accountable when they don’t!


The split was 54% for Perez and 46% for Ellison, but you are right the actual left should pack it in and go stay home forever on Election Day. It has worked so well for the past half a century.

Greenwald also has only ever criticized Democrats since forever. Even in the “anti-Trump” articles he links to (to prove he has ever been critical of Trump) he spends at least a third of the text dedicated to criticizing the Democrats. He didn’t even come out with reasons for supporting Bernie Sanders, just feeding into pretty lazy attacks on Hillary Clinton.

To say he called it right is to say a broken clock is right twice a day - especially when his article is almost identical to the articles that inspired it.


To say that about him is to say that most of what he says isn’t right – that it’s false. What are all these big lies you’re saying he keeps telling?

“Right by chance” =/= “tells lies all the time”

Greenwald isn’t mostly wrong, he’s mostly accurate when he is references facts even if he does parse things to his advantage. However, he is nearly 100% dedicated to attacking Democrats no matter what so for him to reiterate Clio Chang’s article with the only addition being his tying together of multiple pro-Israel Jewish individuals being against Ellison to a single pro-Israel Jewish source and pushing the Islamiphobic angle to pro-Israel Jews pushing against Ellison… well it’s not surprising.


That’s not to say there isn’t a push from the establishment against progressives - there is. But to say they are choosing appeasement of the money over the majority of the people isn’t accurate either.


Didn’t Sanders run as a Democrat? I don’t recall him attacking Sanders. Oh, right, that’s because he’s not attacking “Democrats no matter what.” He’s against the takeover of the Democratic establishment by corporations. Which is fine with me, because I am too. Why NOT attack a putative opposition party that keeps playing along with a system that favors rightwing policies, becoming ever more rightwing itself in the process, and representing most people’s interests less and less in the process? OF COURSE Trump and the republicans are monstrous. What’s also a problem, though, is that their only effective opposition has become so much like them. They ARE “choosing appeasement of the money over the majority of the people.” They’re also choosing the collecting of the money.


Sanders did run as a Democrat, and he did run into the establishment - he also chose the path of fighting the establishment he knew was there productively. He is literally collecting money on behalf of the progressive half of the Democrats to use opposing he establishment Democrats.

Clio Chang is correct that Perez is he establishment candidate running against Ellison to be the “establishment Ellison.” She acknowledges that Perez is a progressive push, but the fact he is there at all to oppose Ellison is a problem. She reiterates this on Twitter talking about how the worst things mellienials could do is think the Democrats cannot push left.

Greenwald is pushing “Ellison or bust” combined with pushing an angle that pro-Israel Jews are wrong to have misgivings about Ellison - which he also backs up on his twitter feed. Like I said, he is mostly right but his primary concern isn’t to foster progressive ideals with his writing; it is to talk about how the left is getting their teeth kicked in by the establishment again.

I will support the Justice Democrats, and I will continue to like the media Greenwald reads much better than the media he presents.

Huh? Exposing how the progressive left is getting its teeth kicked in again does foster progressive ideals. It’s reporting, done by a reporter who helps people understand how the system that smashes budding effective forms of progressive ideals works.

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