Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


These days the Royal family are closer to being a clan of hereditary diplomats than to being people who wield any direct power, although they possess a lot of wealth and land in the country so can control what gets built by giving or withholding consent. There’s also arguably some benefit to having a person who’s met all the players in world politics from Eisenhower and Churchill through to the present day on hand to advise the current prime minister. I’d rather have a monarch who’s devolved the majority of powers to a democratically elected parliament, than have a system that can produce Trump. It’s not an ideal system, but if we became a republic we’d have more elections and more risk of lunatics getting into power.


I like the way lots of other countries do it.

Have an elected head of state who does the diplomatic job, opens the supermarkets, goes to memorials etc, and keep the politicians one step removed. I mean, I’m glad we never had President Thatcher, or Blair, but I don’t have a great deal of respect for Brenda, and none at all for her idiot son.

I don’t want not-especially-bright minor aristos doing the job for life because of an accident of birth.


Mark Hamill. Trump tweet. Joker voice. :grin:


That was awesome. I hope he keeps it up.


My fiancee played that for me this morning. My comment was that I’d rather have Lex Luthor for president than Donald Trump.




Why am I not surprised that Martin Shkreli is attending the Trump inauguration?


I have no clue who Lauren Duca is but I like her already. :slight_smile:

[Edit: and now I like her even more, since it looks like she got him whacked for harassing her.]


Not that modern actually


It is a shame that Meryl Streep will never run for president, but as we know, "Those who least want to be president are best suited to it."


Trump’s administration proposes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, depriving 20 million Americans of access to treatment. So, what does team Trump’s Health Protection Act propose to do? That’s right! Remove restrictions on buying silencers for firearms! It’s protecting the eardrums of gun owners! You can’t make this shit up…


They don’t even exist, they are muzzle flash dampeners primarily and reduce the sound some but you still need protection. They also make your aim worse so every gun owner I know sees them as a novelty.


I love how he’s able to raise himself above criticism.

The NTY were able to get a comment from him last night too:

This didn’t get a good response amongst the people I follow on twitter either:


Example of Conway’s double-speak: Why don’t you believe what he says? Don’t listen to what he says.


What a thin skinned chump. Mrs Ficus and I were just waiting for the inevitable tweet to follow after watching that. I still can’t believe this is the guy who will be running the country – someone who can’t let any slight go without getting in the last word.


Yeah, this looks a lot like “groveling”


Yeah, don’t you remember elementary school, when the kids would make fun of other kids who groveled by imitating a spastic seizure? Happened all the time. Sure.


A weakness that needs to be exploited constantly.


I remember distinctly in elementary school that the sign for a “retard” or “spaz” or what ever else was to take your hand with a limp wrist and shake it back and forth at your chest. I don’t know anything about that origin or anything else, but Trump took me back to 3rd grade with that speech.