Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Perhaps there’s a minstrel show out there waiting to be recalled.


I suppose he’s cozying up to Trump in case he gets nailed for good next time and needs to get pardoned.


EXACTLY this. Both hands near to the chest, waggling them, while going “duh uhhhh”, is the universal third grade sign for “freak/spaz/retard”. And I’m sure if my teacher yelled at me for making fun of someone, I’d say something idiotic like “UHH I’M SAYING THAT HE GROVELS.” A lot of what Trump does reminds me of 3rd grade playground idiocy.




Here’s a shock:



You really need to click through to get the full effect. Chuck totally trolls Mitch.



Discussion from last night on why we don’t have to worry about NYC getting nuked off of the map…

Because all of Trump’s stuff is there.


Jared Kushner is a walking Chilhul Hashem in how he acts and treats people, and I’m honestly ashamed that he’s a fellow Jew.




There is not enough time left on the planet to spell out how every single sentence of that screed is filled with assumptions, falsehoods, and bigotry.


Can you at least point me to one? I’ve read and re-read through, and I’m not seeing what you’re seeing.

As far as I can tell, he’s not saying the narrative that “Half the voters in the country are racist enough to vote an obvious racist into power” is wrong. In fact, his post is littered with language that suggests he believes that narrative is 100% correct.

What he seems to dispute is that that narrative is a useful one to get Democrats elected. He proposes an alternate narrative:

“It’s not about red state vs. blue state or rural vs. urban. It’s about building a country where everyone has their basic necessities, where everyone is free from poverty and despair. Yes to affordable housing and health care, yes to public education, yes to food for the hungry and warmth for the cold. No to poverty, no to racism and sexism, no to exploitation and greed. They stand with the comfortable and the rich, we stand with those who suffer and need. Everywhere. Because we’re all in this together.”

That does sound a lot more the rhetoric that got Obama elected than anything I heard from Clinton. It also sounds like a message from a campaign that I’d enthusiastically vote for.

So, if you don’t want to take the time to dissect every single sentence for assumptions, falsehoods, and bigotry, can you, please, at least show me one example of what I’m missing?


“Democrats just need to hit gud”
-deBoer, 2016

And no, that’s not how Obama won. Obama went against the right who felt like the left in 2016, and got people to the polls for a variety of reasons blowing out the voter turnout numbers. If anyone thinks the right was happy with 8 years of Bush, then they would be wrong - that’s why the 2010 mantra on the right was “Obama is so bad I miss Bush.”

Why they think Trump isn’t more like George W Bush than Jeb Bush the world will never know - oh wait, never mind they drummed up the TEA Party and the establishment lost control of that crowd allowing a populist movement to be highjacked by fascists by fanning the flames in order to win elections over everything else.


I agree Obama using love over hate was high quality rhetoric, and what the Democrats can win against because you look like an ass fighting it.


The issue I have is that he is taking the stance of lean into partisan politics by changing the delivery to appear you are not leaning into partisan politics. While pragmatic, the appearance of progressive politics is what created this mess.


That fuck? I’m sorry, I mean that bigoted, pathologically cruel, evil creep who shouldn’t have access to computers, much less other humans? That explains a lot.


OMG, I just lost it all! No time to recreate.

Basically: it’s friendly fire. I think a small number of people who consider themselves liberals/Democrats really do divide the country up into coastal cities versus the entire interior of the country. The original tweet stated that people who live in cities are surrounded by more diversity than people who live in less populated areas. That is undeniably accurate. It then postulated that this means those who live in cities are less likely rather than more likely to be living in a “bubble”. That is arguably equally accurate. But instead of picking up there, the linked piece immediately switched back to the claim that it’s coastal cities versus the rest of the country.

So, my response to you pointed out all of the spots throughout the center of the country where the entire state was red except for the cities, which were blue. For example: Indianapolis, IN; Omaha and Lincoln, NE; Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City, IA; St Louis, Jefferson City, and Kansas City, MO; Chicago, Rockford, Bloomington, Champaign/Urbana, and Carbondale, IL; etc.

It’s not coasts versus interior…it’s cities, where there is diversity, versus monoculture.

I also included a link to a relevant Atlantic article: Red State, Blue City: How the Urban-Rural Divide Is Splitting America.

That’s as much as I’m going to reproduce, at this point!


I can only imagine that Trump’s staff aren’t even making the slightest attempt to research the politics of the people they’re trying to get to perform at his upcoming clusterfuck of an inauguration.