WikiLeaks Proposes Doxxing Database

Holy shitballs, Batman!

It’s no wonder Trump likes WL. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to hire them. Hell, maybe he has.

ETA: @daneel already has a comment in the forum on this I overlooked. I think I’ll leave this thread here for general discussion of WikiLeaks turn to the dark side.

ETA 2: Obligatory xkcd…


Daniel Domscheit-Berg was right about his concerns


This would appear to be the limit of Twitter’s response.

@ jack retweeted this:




Is Assange hopping Putin and Trump will invite him to be the meat in their shitsteak sandwich?


The guy spends too much time in his room in front of the computer. He should get out more.


I have no idea. I’m sure he still thinks he’s a hero for what he’s been doing all these years.

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Gotta love deleting that tweet and Wikileaks disowning the twitter feed after being in lock-step for a very long time. Wikileaks still has a very convoluted Reddit conspiracy pinned that the Wikileaks Task Force presented to them and they retweeted. And yes, the conspiracy is about Hillary Clinton secretly funding someone to directly attack Assange using the standard failed amateur detective tactic of scouring photo-ops for pictures of people together.

I’m very curious what people would say defending them, I imagine it has something to do with “leaks being accurate” but that doesn’t matter when they flat out lie about the leak contents on their twitter and push editorials that are inaccurate about the contents. But whatever, being against the man matters more than noticing radicals becoming the man I guess.

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