Wikileaks' dump of "Erdogan emails" turn out to be public mailing list archives


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…all they can find is… some sensitive personal information from private citizens.

Well why not release it? Oh, right, they only doxx Democrats. Carry on!

EDIT: Oops, my bad. I guess they doxx everybody.


speaking of repeated mistakes, Akparti = AKP

not APK… a google search would have fixed that


I’ve really turned against Wikileaks recently. I’ve viewed them for some time as unpleasant but necessary. Assange holding back the DNC emails to release them at a time when they would most damage Clinton and the Democrats shows that he is using the site to push his own agenda. It’s especially galling that even when document were held back WIkileaks can’t be bothered to redact bank information and SSNs from the emails.

Wikileaks has shown that it values its own agenda over public responsibility.


But don’t you understand? Doxxing makes humanity understand the importance of internet security,


Well, Turkish female voters, Democrats and Afghan informants, anyways. This recklessness on their part isn’t new or excusable.


They doxx women too.


Wikileaks got the cart ahead of the horse, seemingly so eager to release the e-mails that they didn’t fully consider what they actually contained. I’ll definitely be twice shy about providing unequivocal support for Wikileaks if they can’t do due diligence on their releases.


Why do they care? At this point they do things because they can. Like any modern media organ, what matters is the narrative they’re pushing.


Thank you. Typos are different in substance, though.


Well, you raise an interesting point. What does Wikileaks do, and why do they believe they’re doing it? The closest thing to an answer I can find is on their website’s “about” page:

WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006.

WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption.
( )

What I’m surprised I never noticed before is that they never state why they do these things. What are they expecting to accomplish, and how will the world be a better place once they’ve achieved their mission? Is it to promote enlightenment ideology, humanist progress, or is it something altogether less altruistic? Why don’t they provide an answer or statement regarding their motivation? Even “we do this because we’re tired of the bad guys having their way with reality and ruining/wasting the minds of generations” would be preferable to saying nothing. It’s not enough to state what they do without stating what their purpose is. That purpose is how the world can measure their success or failures.


Sounds like they don’t have anyone who can read Turkish.


“Turkish is hard with all those accents and ligatures and freaky lower case i’s without the dots and upper case I’s with the dots. Who has time for all that nonsense?”

To go off on a complete tangent, Turkish language is a real problem for software developers as our own @codinghorror discusses here:


All’s well that ends well, I think.


Apparently, Erdogan prefers the Arabic script to Latin.


…this. Also its telling how the Panama Papers were handled outside of wikileaks. They clearly learned some lessons from Wikileaks’ flawed approach, and also set the bar higher for wikileaks to try to stay relevent. So far, it’s not looking good.


Their Twitter posted that it was an intentional move and not a mistake

From their own words they are shitty people.


Wikileaks (or whoever runs their Twitter, which I’m assuming is Assange these days) went into extreme dick-waving mode when the Panama Papers was announced - essentially “oh, yeah? well, we’ve released MORE, so these folks are just wimps!”

It’s almost like the the quest for radical transparency for the public welfare is s smokescreen for him, or something.


Yeah, I seriously wonder if Assange is a redditor, he seems like MRA skeeze.