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Considering that Trump won by pretty explicitly running on a campaign of “No government-run housing and health care programs, no to education, no to food for the hungry and warmth for the cold, poor people are lazy idiots who just need to work harder, the real racists are black people, women are awful ugly bitches amirite, and did I mention I’m a fucking billionaire? Fuck you, I got mine, get your own damn bootstraps,” I don’t think that message will resonate on the right as much as he likes to think it will. Republicans don’t want to be in this together. They’re in it for themselves, and everyone else can just get fucked.



But of course.


It continues to amuse (for want of a better word) me that Trump makes up such stupid lies.

For someone so clearly so desperate for the approval of the rich and the famous, it must kill him that they obviously despise him. While he, in turn, clearly has contempt for the people who do like him.

Fox in every henhouse continues - vaccine update:








Did anyone else read that headline and wonder why a chipmaker had compromising documents on a politician?


Buzzfeed just published the (unverified) reports:

Ooh, it oneboxes!

Bombshell report claims Trump paid to watch hookers piss on bed where Obama slept

Well interesting times indeed. Bets on how long till the rest of the party throws him under the bus?


4 years or 8, depending?


One can hope for better. Not that President Pence is a better option.


Oh, I hope for better. That wasn’t the question asked.


Ooh, #goldenshowers is trending on twitter. Lovely.


HA! It’s hilarity of the likes I’ve never seen.


I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin while Conway explains how hard it is for Trump to manage his business and all those deals he’s had to give up.


Well that was a detailed answer on healthcare.

Fucking idiot. He can’t wing it for 4 years.