Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


I assume you're watching the press conference (I'm surprised it happened!). What did he say on health care?


Listening on the radio.

Blah, blah, blah, repeal, replace, almost simultaneously. Maybe even within weeks, days, hours. Doing the Democrats a favour. Detailed plan is to repeal and replace.

It's going to be a great plan. The best plan.


Mexico is going to pay for the wall. He loves Mexicans. Has a lot of respect for Mexicans.


Not surprising. Meanwhile, Ryan will push a repeal plan through, which Trump will sign once he's officially the POTUS...

BUT THEY DID IT FOR THE LULZ!!!! 20 million people losing their health care is only an amusing after thought which gives them pure, unadulterated joy, because FUCK PEOPLE WHO NEED HEALTH CARE!!! CUCKS!!! /s


Heh. He's refusing to take a question from CNN, because they're 'rude' and fake news.


Not sure where else to post this, and this thread could use a bit of levity, methinks.


Is anyone else kinda sorta hoping Giant Meteor crashes the Inaugural celebration?


I'm hoping something fucked up happens during the ceremony.


China and Russia will have so much respect for Trump that when he's President, nothing will be hacked.


Yes. The death of everyone and everything I ever loved is a small price to pay to MAKE IT STOP!!!

But… LULZ, we’ll hear in the distance as it crashes into the podium… THE LULZ!!!

We’re already guranteed that… it’s called the inauguration of Donald Trump…


Fair point, but I meant to him, directly.

I still haven't given up on the hope that he strokes out.


Ouch! No, I'm sorry, I should know better than to joke like that. It was insensitive. Mea maxima culpa.


We should be so lucky. I’m afraid it’s going to go off well. [quote=“Nightflyer, post:254, topic:91600”]
Ouch! No, I’m sorry, I should know better than to joke like that. It was insensitive. Mea maxima culpa.

Oh, I wasn’t criticizing you… I was joining in on the joke… I almost mean it! :wink:


Joke or not dark or not, some days that is kinda how I feel.

Instantaneous obliteration sounds better than enduring the insufferable shitshow that's come to town, on some days...


Roger that!


Agreed, unfortunately.




In other words, Trump was a disgrace, but the media needs to relearn how to do their fucking job again...


So he's gone from denying that it could be Russia to openly complimenting Putin on hacking the DNC and admitting that Putin helped him win the election. But reassuring everyone that it won't happen again after the 20th, because he'll really be in charge!

Trump's pulling one of his favorite tricks: disarming people by proudly admitting the truth -- embracing it, even, and saying it was a lie all along.