Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


I’ll do a DJ set for Trump. I don’t think he’d want me to though.



Or at least that is the first thing that went through my brain.



It said he paid prostitutes to pee on Obama’s bed, Greenwald. Calm down.

Though I’m very entertained that his “MSM is fake news”, “all leaks are good no matter what”, and “never trust the government” rhetoric are all crashing together in a way that bounces this article all over the place.







Did Biden swap her interview notes with old Rodney Dangerfield scripts?


To get it, you gotta give it.



Or, indeed, do anything at all with your miserable, hateful lives that is worth of anything other than utter contempt and scorn. Just one thing, please. I’ll be waiting over here.


I came here to see if anyone posted that (not disappointed!) and put it up myself if it wasn’t here.

We don’t actually know what’s on the pages, and I think a pile of documents printed the day before or the morning of would look just like that, especially if they didn’t have time to label the folders. However, I also think the plan is sketchy and evolving and if they’re claiming they have a robust plan that’s BS, no matter what’s in those folders. I also believe they’d try to give us empty pages, it’s just hard to tell. And the net result looks fake as hell.


Good morning to you, too.


Sorry; that was directed at Kellyanne Conway and friends, not you!


I fully accept that it’s impossible to remove Trump the man from Trump the brand and/or sell all of his business interests. But to me that just suggests he’s constitutionally incapable of doing the job.

This smoke and mirrors stuff is pointless.



Other outcomes of last night’s late night voterama:

  • Voted down protections for contraception coverage
  • Removed protections for preexisting conditions
  • Removed coverage for kids under 26 under their parents’ health insurance
  • Removed future funding for CHIP, effectively killing it