Genius uses treadmill to move firewood


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Certainly gets points for style, but is the log splitter in the house? and I don’t think that wood is going to season indoors either. :thinking:


Could I get a shot inside the house, of his poor wife who I assume is trying to catch everything being thrown at her but is instead now being buried under a pile of logs?


He used a neglected piece of exercise equipment to decrease his physical activity.

That is genius.


Right-- a device designed for deliberate physical exertion being used to avoid physical exertion.


Wait, treadmills have a purpose besides as a clothes rack?


I don’t think storing fire wood inside is such a great idea considering all the bugs and stuff.


Nifty idea but not sure it’s saving a whole lot of work. My stupid treadmill (that the wife refuses to get rid of even though she never uses it) weighs 500+ lbs so dragging it outside and getting it setup in the window is probably more effort than just carrying the wood directly.

Best use of treadmills IMHO: music videos


He probably has a wood burning furnace.

Or a dual fuel furnace with wood and something else for backup.

In some places where the choices are wood or oil, wood can be cheaper. More work though.


Seasoning just means drying out, it will season well in a dry basement to be honest.


Total dad move. You know he spent all day rigging this up and eagerly made the whole family watch. Embarrassed teen kids hiding their eyes hoping their friends don’t drive by.


I split, stacked and cut a lot of firewood with my father over the years, and I think this is a great idea for getting wood into a basement. It’s saving him a lot of walking with the piece of wood to the basement window to get it down there. One of the things I notice is he’s not having to bend down as much and toss the wood into the basement, which would save on his back. And when you’re doing stuff like this alone, this would save some work and aches and pains later. Rest assured, unloading a truck bed full of wood alone is a workout, but the irony of using exercise equipment to avoid doing more physical labor is not lost on me.


The poor cat.


Now I’m obsessed with finding something useful for my damned elliptical to do. Probably something to do with the electronic braking/damping thing…


So are the logs losing any weight in the process?

Then who’s filming and giggling?


If the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy.


There certainly are a lot of bugs. That’s just how it goes when you heat with a wood furnace. It’s why we keep it all in the basement. And why my folks switched to natural gas as soon as the pipeline was built in their area.


A home treadmill finally got used. Historic!


Not that big a deal, they been stealing jobs from hatracks and clotheslines for decades now.


Laziness is the mother of invention, as they say