Gentleman intentionally coughs on a debit machine at a drive-thru window

Where’s the Defendes of Licking Ice Cream for this guy?

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‘Monsieur’ is perhaps appropriate since he may be a Francophone.

What about ARSCHLOCH, if you think the language matters? German is very appropriate for that. Riesenarschloch would be even better.

Indeed. We should add COVID terrorists to the punchability list we already have Nazis on.


There is a great painting of a pipe, labeled “this is not a pipe”. It reminds us of the difference between simulating something and actually doing something. Unfortunately, a lot of people with lower intelligence have problems understanding the difference between reality and the simulation.

The ice cream person bought the affected container to ensure that while the footage caught on tape looked gross, no actual grossness was done. Thus it was a simulated act.

This person did not purchase the touch pad; other people had to deal with that touch pad after they did this. They could easily have a highly contagious disease; as we are in the middle of a pandemic right now which we were not in last July. They actually committed an act of bioterrorism.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with diminished IQs who do not understand the difference.

Except for all you know, he cleaned the pin pad off and it was just a prank, as harmless as the guy who didn’t upload the part where he paid for the licked ice cream, this guy could have simply not uploaded the part where he sanitizes the pin pad. Besides that, every terrorist knows that you don’t need an actual weapon to cause terror. Ice cream guy simulated a bioterrorist attack. Now that doing such things has proven too in your face, people want to get mad at this guy with the same lack of info that they approved ice cream licker.

Other theories:

  • This was shot on a film studio lot, as part of a Jackass reboot.
  • Surprise! they own the restaurant; and everyone is in on it.
  • They are aliens releasing a anti-COVID-19 biological lifeform.

If any of your theories hold out to be true, then yes, my opinion would change.

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Portable sanitization methods are imperfect. Alcohol and bleach-based cleaners are only 99.9% effective; a thorough scrubbing with detergent soap is good for 99.99%; 10 minutes of steam or 5 minutes of high-intensity deep UV light are good for 99.999%. None of which are particularly compatible with unsealed electronics.

A cough from someone actually infected by COVID-19 can carry 10^6 to 10^7 viral particles. So none of the above methods would completely inactivate the viral contamination of the keypad. Which means the gentleman could have left the keypad many times more infectious than when he received it.

Not cool.


And did the person working the window spit in the guy’s drink before handing it to him? Or, at least, pretend to spit in it, as a kind of “haha, we’re all having fun here, stop being so serious” thing?


Does this sort of behavior justify giving the employees at the window a Taser? Because then I might enjoy the video.

A healthy immune system is usually able to suppress some amount of virus before they actually spread (at least that’s been true for virus that aren’t SARS-nCoV-2.) It’s believed the size of the inoculation is a factor in whether or not you actually catch COVID-19. So while picking up ten thousand virus on your finger from a coughed-upon keyboard might be a Very Bad Thing, picking up ten virus from the same keyboard after a 99.9% effective alcohol wipe should dramatically lower the chance you contract the disease from it.

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It’s Sûreté du Québec that will be contacting this jerk. He’s the type that will scream loudly (if his lungs still function) for immediate service when he discovers he’s contracted COVID-19. Zero sympathy for people like this. He should be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada Section 245, Administering Noxious Thing. The penalty under this indictable offence is ‘…imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, if he intends thereby to aggrieve or annoy that person.’ ‘If he intends to endanger the life of or to cause bodily harm to that person’ he can be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.


So, to sum up:

  • Disinfecting a surface you’re going to use, with whatever you have available: Good!
  • Disinfecting a surface you just intentionally contaminated: leaving it worse than when you found it.
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He has been arrested by Québec police for public nuisance.


Québec city police, just to be clear.

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Shoulda sprayed the covidiot with peroxide. What a creep.

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