Gentleman receives unfortunate Angelina Jolie tattoo

Our youth like wax drips down
In puddles around our legs
It hardens and catches us to the quick
You’re putting a lot of importance in
Something you’re really just playing a part in
You should take what action you can get
What you’re sure you’re carving in stone
On your flesh
You’d do better living more and commemorating less
There’s much I don’t want to remember
There’s not a thing I’d wish last forever
You’re tattoos are gonna fade!

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I’ve also wondered how far do you let the tattooist go before you say “Hang on, that looks like crap!! Please stop!”

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Definitely not shaving cream. It’s a cleansing/disinfectant agent. Common practice nowadays.


Not bad except for the eyebrows. If they were more arched it would not be a bad likeness. The way the eybrows are now doesn’t look like the picture at all.


No worries. I’m sure he does. Frequently.


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