Gentleman skating in Central Park with Trump 2024 flag gets tackled

Um, duh. He got exactly the response he was looking for. Go fucking skating in some right-wing shit-hole of a town with that flag if you don’t want that reaction. He now gets to be all righteous about his first amendment rights being violated, how canceled he is. The facist shithead knew what he was doing.


I think we just have different perceptions and hopes for how the republican party might fracture. I definitely don’t know what anything is going to look like in even a year and half.

I mean, we don’t even know what criminal charges against trump might go to court, nor how that will effect any of this.

One of my favorite political commentators loves to point out that a week is a long time in politics. You could still be right and we just haven’t hit the trigger for that split. I’m just betting the opposite direction, but we’re both hoping they’ve shot themselves in the nuts.

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They are outdoors and (should all be) wearing masks. But it does seem a bit crowded.

As cathartic as this is the guys in the red jackets are clearly skating rink monitors telling him that a long metal pole that could impale a person is not allowed on the ice.


The odious little fucker is speaking at CPAC, where you can be sure that he’s going to shriek about his Big Lie. The GOP will not refute that big lie nor will they condemn it being repeated. They will not mind that it is being howled on stage at their main event with all the “legitimacy” that it confers. That party has already made their choice.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That’s what an ice hockey stick is for, giving extra reach and leverage, thus increasing the impact in a suitably satisfying manner.
Or just shoving it between the asshole’s feet, causing him to crash to the ice, also in a satisfying manner.
I’m cool with either.

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Yep, that’s why he made sure to record it. The situation played out exactly the way he wanted.


Cross checking and tripping are usually two-minute minor penalties, occasionally a five-minute major.

Totally worth it.

already is - change my mind


the equivalent of proudly and openly taking a dump in the community pool, b/c you think that maybe some of the other swimmers think: “Hey, what a great idea – we should do that too!”

He is openly advocating Fascism; he is fine with overthrowing the government.
FUCK his ‘opinion’.
Fascists use the mechanisms of democracy in order to overthrow it, as the events up to & including Jan 6 should have made abundantly clear.

Not in this case.
They want to whine about being the victim? Give 'em something to whine about…
I quit smoking years ago, but I have started carrying a lighter again, in case I see one of those rotten flags. Haven’t seen one around here in months, for some reason.


Exactly. The flag could’ve had literally any message on it (or no message), and the rink monitors’ reactions would’ve been exactly the same. If he fell down with that pole or just lowered it onto the ice with all those people skating around, we’re talking dozens of injuries (at least), even if only minor.
The only potential difference in the whole scenario might be less booing from the general public.


This was videoed by a confederate of the flag waver?
He intended to be stopped and/or in some way interfered with?

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Happened to watch the video at the same time as listening to Nessun Dorma (from Turandot). The “vincerò” at the end was exceptionally well timed to the event on ice.


Came here for a solid body check into the boards, was disappointed. Tackling is for grass.

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