Gentleman warns youngster against wearing Sons of Anarchy vest

This place is starting to look like literally ever other message board in creation. Well done everyone. We’re just like everyone else. Hope you’re all pleased.


That was an ugly argument for boing boing. My blood is pumping, I must head over to youtube for more unrelenting caca. I want to go in so hard on this, no bruno, but I know it’s not the place.:sob:


Apparently, this is the way we roll now, so I guess, get used to it.


Nuance is so 201…

Wait, has it ever been a thing?


This place didn’t used to be so toxic… especially not over a fucking video of a guy yelling at a kid wearing a vest.


I don’t think he ever lights up.
Just getting out a cig for when he drives away it seems to me.


You’re right. Good thing, where have you gone?


The show has conducted official events at sturgis and other large bike rallies pretty much since its inception.

Often in concert with Harley Davidson for official marketing purposes. I know a local Harley dealer. He goes every year with his entire family. I’ve seen photos. His brother in law effectively cosplays as a character from the show, And the dude came back last year with a suitcase full of Sons of Anarchy t-shirts and hoodies. Bars out here do a lot of business with the older Harley crowd. So when these guys show up at my place of work at least a full 3rd of them are wearing Sturgis related shit, the last few years an awful lot of that has been official Sons of Anarchy Sturgis shit.

The show only debuted in 08, And the marketing and merch boom only dates to the latter few seasons. Wasn’t till maybe 3 or 4 years ago I started seeing people walk around in that crap. And it didnt seem to really explode until the final season last year.

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He says they’re in Idaho - which is a gun Open Carry state.
I’m gonna take a wild bet and assume the ‘tough guy’ video’er has a gun on his hip - hence the confidence to scold an able-bodied unarmed dude.
Either way, the kid was smart to be nonchalant polite as the dip with the camera seems like an unstable moron.


Omg I love that shirt


That’s not a real club the dog belongs to… imposter! KILL IT!!

You’d kill that adorable little face?


I have the feeling that the “if you exercise this belief out loud in certain company, you will get beaten up - therefore you are wrong” is one of those logical fallacies that should be on our cheat-sheet, but I’m afraid I can’t name it precisely.

Can anyone else suggest what is wrong with this form of proof?


Found it.

argumentum ad baculum : “Appeal to Force”


Context and country dependant. In the Commonwealth it’s acceptable on appropriate occasions such as Remembrance or ANZAC day parades for family of deceased servicemen to wear their medals, but they must be worn on the right (people who have actually been awarded the medals wear them on the left).

For instance, this gentleman is wearing his great-grandfather’s WW1 medals.


Personally, I’d still think they were a wanker, but I get that most Americans wouldn’t.

The Code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.



Fun fact: that young man died one evening as he was driving east as the sun was setting. He was found with a hole burned straight through his chest. Mulder and Scully never did figure that one out, but we know.

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Sez you! I get shot almost every time I go out, depending on which ball cap I wear. People either confuse me for a Killer Crip or a guy that likes to Kill Crips! And I get it from both sides when I sport Jayhawk colors!

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