Gentleman who hung "Trump Won" flag at stadiums now banned from all MLB games

Plus, he got banned from something he liked because he was an insufferable ass, loudly and repeatedly. Just like his beloved God Emperor.


If he’s anything like fans getting banned from cons, this is SOP for trolls like this. Publicize the ban, crow about it, and 6 months later whine about why he’s still banned and get caught trying to sneak back in.


Right next door is the Islamic Cultural Center. Interesting.


If you dox yourself, is it really doxing ?
Although, he’s now claiming that that’s not his address:

Its true, he could buy ticket with cash and/or third-party seller. But I think the real teeth of this is that if he’s caught on stadium grounds, he’s immediately liable for misdemeanor trespassing. And, he might be in a job that the publicity from this event and/or from a future misdemeanor might endanger his continued employment.

So, some consequences. But, take a step back, just how serious a consequence is warranted for what is essentially political speech? Any answer you give would have to apply to an equally large, unsanctioned BLM banner.

Although, he seems to like bad publicity and getting banned:

[getting banned from Disneyland for Trump banner on Splash Mountain]

This guy is a poster boy for führerprinzip. He just loves Big Orange Brother.


Just to make it hurt i hope that in his future, all significant life events he could be associated with will be held at MLB stadiums.

Wedding reception? - we’re having it at the 'ol ball game

Childs college graduation? - right behind home plate

Nephew’s Bris? - in front of the hotdog stand




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