Tom Brady takes shot at election deniers at White House

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Waiting for Trump twitter rant in 5…4…3… oh yeah that’s right, he can’t!


I imagine a tracking shot through the bowls of the twitter server. There is a thumping noise, that grows louder as we move deeper in this dusty corner of the machine. Then we see it, a sealed port, covered in corroded, flaking, faux gold. Something monstrous is beating impotently on the other side of the seal, and whining. Something inarticulate, and with tiny hands.


I knew Tom Brady was too clean-cut, too pure-of-heart to actually have been a Trump supporter. That MAGA hat? It was just a keepsake, pushed on him, after a chance encounter, with someone he had had an association with back when that person was just a clownish television personality. It wasn’t like Brady specifically purchased the hat or it had any real significance, political or otherwise. Yes, Tom Brady is one of the good guys, and not some suck-up who sways whichever way the wind is blowing.

Other championship teams like the Golden State Warriors refused to meet disgraced President Trump after both of their championship wins, as did the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles, the World Cup victorious U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, the North Carolina Tarheels Men’s basketball champs, several WNBA championship teams

It would be hilarious if Biden invited all these teams to the WH to retroactively pay them the credit they deserved for their achievements. The troll value would be tremendous, albeit the additional heat generated at Mar-a-Lago would significantly contribute to climate change.


Ummm, that red MAGA hat is the modern KKK hood. They know this. We know this. Betting Brady knew this too.


More like he was happy to wear the hat when trump was popular and making Brady more rich, but now trump is a loser and Brady doesn’t want to be associated with losers.


Today’s headlines in particular are pretty violent boing boing, especially considering they’re mostly about peoples’ tweets. My tweets never “blast” or “take shot” any anyone really.

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OH man, I almost blocked out our loss at the superbowl… we will get em this year!


Does he not still play golf with trump?


My impression of Brady’s “friendship” with Trump was like how I am “friends” with people I don’t really like all that much. I tolerate them, sometimes it has minor benefits. I can see Brady going along with this “friendship” thing and then being given the MAGA hat, probably thinking “Trump’s not gonna win anyway” back in 2016 (like so many of us did). Then you’re kinda stuck, he gave you the hat, maybe you even lied and said “sure, I’ll vote for you” at some event. Oops.

I don’t want to brush off the damage Trump did, but I have never thought Brady paid attention to politics, his wife is definitely the better half in those matters.

But also, someone like Brady who is dedicated and disciplined couldn’t watch Trump’s presidency unfold in such a lazy haphazard way and approve of it.

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Good question.
Since trump demands loyalty, and Brady’s quip was followed up with Brady addressing Biden as Mr President, sounds like to me there was a breakup.

We shall see.


This is unfortunately not true. I know some very dedicated and disciplined people who backed Trump to the hilt. I don’t understand it and am hesitant to label colleagues I like as asshole fascists, but as TMBG said… “You can’t shake the devil’s hand and say you’re only kidding.”


No. Brady calls trump a friend, no air quotes. But then Brady diverges when trump asked Brady to become a vocal supporter of the gop and trump’s campaign.
So to me he was just fine hanging out with the pussy grabber right up until he was asked to bend the knee in public.

( I mean… Brady has the means to golf anywhere in the world with pretty much anyone he wants to. Combine that with an extremely regimented lifestyle, it looks like Brady really enjoys the guy. If I was a popular multi-millionaire, why would I ever spend a lot of time with someone I didn’t really like?)


Unfortunately there are a lot of people who go through life uninterested in politics and unaware of policies. From the interviews I’ve heard Brady sure sounds like one of them, not outspoken on anything beyond football. It’s easy to shake hands with the devil when you don’t know the devil exists.

To a lot of people, prior to his entry into politics, Trump was just a name, he branded himself as the successful millionaire, undoubtedly Brady believed that con too. I’m disappointed he befriended Biff, but I can see him being invited to some “gala event” at Trump’s behest back in the early 00’s and being excited to go-- and suddenly he’s invited to all Trump’s events. Hillary and Donald were friendly at one point too, did she know he was the devil then?

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Yeah but, did they get McDonald’s hamberders?


Ugh. Don’t give me reasons to like Tom Brady. He’s a scammer who sells magic underwear off of his athletic reputation, which has already shown him, on multiple occasions, to be okay with dishonesty if it benefits him. I figure, he’ll just keep cozying up to whomever he needs to to keep his grift functioning.

That joke was pretty dang funny, though.

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But, in Golf, Trump is ALWAYS a winner! The Biggliest! 🏌️‍♂️⛳

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Is your impression of any of Trump’s other “friendships” any different?

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No. That’s a valid point. But there is still a difference between everyone immediately around him (sycophant vampires), versus the myriad celebrities who appeared alongside him pre-2008 (clueless glitterati dupes) that Donald used as props for his own aggrandizement.

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