Drunk Tom Brady throwing Super Bowl trophy from boat to boat

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Really are determined to have their superspreader event


I heard the players were given replicates, so that is not the actual trophy. :man_shrugging:t2:

Brady really taking on that ‘Florida Man’ mantle down there in Tampa.


I think he’s always been one at heart. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I mean, he has 6 more, right?

Also, I don’t like Tom Brady very much.


Hockey players do it right:


Brady’s pass completion percentage in 2020 was 65.7.

He really couldn’t do much more to be loathed by everyone but his home-team fans. He’s an anachronism and the last gasp of the white domination at QB. The dawning of a new era of football is well underway and he is not part of it.


I mean, I have a low capacity for Tom Brady, but at 43 years of age he just beat the new era of football on Sunday.


Don’t know what this says about my media consumption, but reading this article was the first time I became aware of the winner of this year’s superbowl.


I’m not saying he’s not exceptionally talented, he is. He just won’t be terribly fondly remembered the way a Joe Montana is. And I’d argue that he didn’t beat them, his defense beat a profoundly crippled KC offense. That they’ve been winning consistently lately while missing most of their O-line is stunning. KC dismantled them in the middle of the season.

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You have officially won too many Super Bowls if you can toss the trophy around like nothing.

Of course the Stanley Cup gets treated like all manner of plaything, so whatever.


Tom Brady is not that likable to me, because he comes off as vacuous, and supports Trump. But he is a god to New Englanders, and rightly admired by football people for sustained success at one of the hardest jobs in all of sports.

While he’s not the total package of skills that Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson is, the object of the game is to win. Which he’s done like no one else. I was rooting against him, but at the end of the day I have to give him credit. I think the cascade of wells, buts, and and what-ifs is quite funny. He’s earned what he’s gotten. All of the variables cited in helping him to win were known before the game, and the oddsmakers, who do not fuck around, had them as underdog.


I’m not sure about NFL trophy, but the NHL Stanley Cup is the one they trot out for the finals (the original, older cup is kept in the HHOF vault in Toronto, which is open during business hours).

As @Les_Pane mentions above, the players get to spend a day with the ceremonial trophy, but the trophy has its own escort (Phil Pritchard, Keeper of the Cup). Presumably, he’s there to stop something this crazy from happening.

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I’m from New England, and yes he’s still a god here. I liked him for a long time, but his support for Trump (even as wishy-washy as it was), really tainted that: it made me realize he’s not a genius-- he’s good at football and not much else.

I can also understand how football fans outside N.E. might hate him, but I’ll bet it’s really a case of sour grapes for most of them. I guarantee you 99% of people who hate Brady would jump at the chance to have him on their hometown team. Ask someone from Tampa.

But that’s true of perhaps 90% of professional athletes, football/basketball being particularly egregious because their sport is their study and their schooling is their extra-curricular.

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Just think of the esteem New Englanders would hold for Curt Schilling if he wasn’t such a horrible human being.

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It’s one thing to have quiet support for Trump like Brady did, and still be a generally nice guy otherwise, but Schilling is a loud self-righteous jerk who has burned his bridges everywhere he went, including off the ball field. Sports fans mostly don’t talk about Schilling up here anymore except to roll their eyes at what he’s become.


You are really underestimating the level of hate that fans of other teams in the AFC East have for him and The Patriots. If say The Bills for instance, had the insane idea of picking him up, the man would be booed of the field by the team’s fans. I can guarantee it.