Tom Brady completes end zone pass to Brees, while Brees kicks the living shit out of Brees

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I don’t generally have much positive things to say about American football, but the way it is structured does allow for a lot of familiarity and congenial attitudes between players of the same positions since they are rarely ever actually playing against one other on the field.

Maybe that says more about the sportsmanship of other sports though, where people do face off against one another on the field and can still be respectful and even friendly off the court/field/pitch.

Either way it’s an interesting differentiation.


“Mom, why can’t we go out on the field like them?”
“Shush now, your daddy can’t be parading us around in front of his other family. Sure, it was a wild night at the club all those years ago, but you don’t get the life your half-bothers & sisters have.”
“DADDY !!!”

“Hey star, who’s that kid yelling?”
“Nobody man… nobody.”

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A lot of these guys played together on various pro teams, in college and occasionally even high school. Nearly every game you see a player facing off against their old teammates or old rivals. In the KC/Cleveland game on Sunday, Kareem Hunt of CLE returned to play against his old team while the Mahomes/Mayfield face off was a rematch of one of the craziest QB shootouts in college sports. There’s a lot of love and mutual respect (and often animosity) among the players and coaches (oh yeah, next week, KC coach Andy Reid will face off against one of his former assistant coaches who is now head coach of Buffalo).

Considering that these are 200-300+lb guys that hit each other really hard week by week, the level of professionalism and respect is pretty impressive. This video really encapsulates it.

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“Wow, you caught a catch from Tom Brady in the endzone at the Super Dome!?”

“Well, my dad IS Drew Brees.”

“Yeah, but Tom Brady??! Wow!”


I’m having a hard time thinking there will be a funnier 2021 headline.

I can almost hear someone phrasing it this way, but still feel like it should be caught a pass or caught a throw.


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Ya seen one futbol game, ya seen-em all.

(I did look at that several times after I posted it, considering it’s an exchange between two kids the grammar works on that level.)


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