Drunk Tom Brady throwing Super Bowl trophy from boat to boat

Precisely. I’ve never understood why anyone expects their sport stars to have intelligent political views, or cares one whit about what they think of the world.

It’s very rare (although plenty counter-examples do exist) where any celebrity has the brains or morals to make them worth listening to outside their profession.

(It’s not that I think celebrities necessarily have less brain than anyone else, it’s just that people give outsized weight to what they have to say about politics or the world.)

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But, but, I never said that. You’re quoting someone else. Demotion to BBS Captain.

Sorry, screwed up the quote edit!

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At least the Vince Lombardi trophy looks like it can take being thrown around a bit. I mean it’s essentially a shiny bollard, isn’t it?

Some fascinating tales mentioned here about the Stanley Cup, but I’d say it’s also worth mentioning the Calcutta Cup, which has definitely not always been treated with the care it perhaps deserves. From Wikipedia…

The original trophy is in a very fragile state following many years of poor treatment and is not in a strong enough condition to attend functions or go on tours…

In 1988 the cup was damaged by the antics of some drunken players, including England number eight Dean Richards and Scotland flanker John Jeffrey who played football with the Calcutta Cup along Princes Street in Edinburgh.

I think the concern was less that it might be fragile than that it probably isn’t very buoyant.


I think for teams that have longstanding rivalries with New England that’s probably true, so sure, the AFC East is out of the question, I think Pats fans would boo Brady if he went to the Bills or the Jets.

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