Gentleman who stole twin brother's ID to earn $72,000 in military benefits headed to federal prison

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I guess we now know which one is the evil twin.


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So using Federal money for housing he wasn’t entitled to for eight years led to him being involuntarily housed in a Federal facility for two more years. Probably not what he’d consider a “win” but the Federal government doesn’t exactly come out ahead either. Undoubtedly the cost to house him in prison for 2 years will exceed the $72k he was guilty of defrauding the government of.


My “guardian” Father [not my blood Papa] was into this back in the 60’s - 70’s [he had 30+ aliases], he got away with it [multiple times] due to the fact that computers were not in wide use, no cross referencing, etc. Oddly he was a veteran of WWII & Korea, which was the reason when ever he did get caught cheating/stealing/grifting the judge would be lenient on him [big mistake]. Even stranger was that the GOV gave him a spot at a Veterans Home for his final years. The guy had a scam for every situation, except that no one cheats Death to my knowledge…


There are twins – one lives in florida and one does not. one of them is a criminal. guess which twin it is? the florida man, yes.


This is a point that shouldn’t be underestimated. Some “loss” like this will always happen in social services. There are always abusers of the system. However it’s usually best to treat it as the cost of doing business and take reasonable action here and there to minimize it. Cracking down on this stuff too hard usually isn’t worthwhile financially or socially.

What the Right will do is spin this into another Welfare Queen story and use it as a scare tactic to get people to agree to dismantling social services entirely. If they aren’t perfect they must be a net negative, right? Sigh.


Exactly. I have a hard time getting riled up over a guy who scammed the government for probably < $15,000/year (i.e. barely even enough to live off of) when there are entire industries that do far worse.


Exactly. That’s probably an hour’s worth of the taxes that Elon or Bezos owe the American people, or a couple hundred rounds of ammo for one A-10 Warthog. Some downtrodden dude in Florida trying to get by is not even a dent in the problem of government waste and loss.


It looks like the A-10’s 30mm rounds cost $26 each. So at at 3900rpm it could go through that $15k in about 1/7th of a second. 9 seconds.

edit: bad maths.


If the rounds really are $26 each and you’re firing 65 rounds per second (3900 per min) I think it works out to be about 9 seconds to spend $15k, but still, point taken.


Oof, my bad. Yeah, it’s definitely 3900rpm not rps.

This is bound to come up around their Thanksgiving dinner family bashing event.

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He commits fraud and goes to jail… yet the Sacklers defraud (and kill) hundreds of thousands and go free.

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$26 is about the cost of a dummy GAU-8 round. Cost is closer to $140 each for a live round.


Remember, this is Florida Man we’re talking about, so it’s entirely possible his plan the whole time was to get sentenced to jail so he could live off Uncle Sam’s dime.

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