George Papadopoulos gets 14 days in jail, former Trump campaign adviser must also pay $9,500 fine

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Try punching a Nazi next time. There were plenty handy.


This guy gets like the same amount of time a cop gets for murdering a black person in the US.


That’s not an accurate comparison…but only because the cop gets exonerated by internal review and not indicted by grand jury usually. :frowning:


Well, he cooperated, provided Mueller with stuff that they are using to go after others, so I’m not sure whether this is a light sentence or a harsh sentence. Consider this: Manafort could get a pardon because he didn’t cop a plea-- loyalty to the Don has it’s rewards, while rats get two weeks in jail and have to pick up trash on the parkway every weekend for a few months.


Should we assume he didn’t flip? Or didn’t know anything interesting?

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And then he will still be subject to every state charge, and will have no 5th Amendment protections.


Can it be arranged where the road he has to walk along picking up trash is the one in front of the White House? Then Trump can glare from one of the windows while shaking a tiny fist for an hour or so. Get some exercise.

Papadopoulos blamed his “youth and ambition” for his misdeeds and his lawyer Thomas Breen argued, “the President of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever did.”

Ah yes. I remember when my youth and ambition led me to lie to the FBI. Good times. Good times. Oh. Wait! “Ambition”? I thought you said “Ambien”. Never mind.

At least he’ll have a good 14 days to reflect on where he went wrong. That’s, like, 20,160 whole minutes. Hopefully when it’s over he can put it all behind him and become a productive member of society. In theory he won’t be able to vote anymore, so I’m guessing politics is out.

Will Trump’s lawyer blame his misdeeds on “advanced age and confusion”?


Worked for St. Reagan.


Precisely the person I was thinking of.


So 1/100th the time for smoking weed while black and the change he happened to have in his pocket. Harsh, bro.

Hope it’s good. That’s honestly one more POS is rather not have walking the streets.


But does this sentence mean he can never vote, and never own firearms?


I’m undecided here: Don’t know if I would want him to punch 9,500 different nazis, or punch just one nazi 9,500 times (you know the one nazi I’m thinking about, don’t you?)


Well, that would be awkward. But he’s probably not going to hire him again anyway.


I think we can assume that any of these treasonous conspirators against the people of The United States will get a slap on the wrist and life will be dandy for them. He may even benefit from all of this and in the near future the media will make him out to be a guy that can command celebrity status along with all of its monetary wealth. I mean, just look at Oliver North. Instead of him serving a life sentence without parole, or worse, he was placed on a pedestal, became even more famous after his short stint behind bars, became a frequent right wing pundit in many conservative circles and appearances on many television talk shows, having his own radio program, etc. Right wing elitists can do the crime and never have to do the time. Criminal punishment is for the little guys.


I ‘assume’ nothing; it makes an ass out u in front of me.


That assassination attempt helped too. Nobody wants to be the guy grilling the man who just took a bullet on the job.

(That’s just one of the reasons I hope no one tries to assassinate Trump.)


Well, I guess it is a felony, and in DC felons who are incarcerated or on probation can’t vote. But in a year, his right to vote will be automatically restored. I don’t think DC has any restrictions on felons buying guns, though.


Unless they are more Czolgosz and less Hinckley…

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No. A successful assassination would be one of the worst possible things that could happen during this administration.

I want the orange bastard disgraced, humiliated and forced out of office—not to get a monument on the National Mall.