George RR Martin's "Fevre Dream": the Lannisters as vampires

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Shhhhhhhh, no distractions while RR is working.
Release date for A Song of Ice and Fire book 6&7 is the only press I want to see about RR Martin.

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I don’t think that this particular novel interfered much with the writing process for ASoIaF.

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Sure, but this will hit his interweb news alert, and next thing ya know he’s spinning ideas for Fevre Dream 2,3,& 4.
I’m of course just kidding. Martin has many other great stories that should be explored while we wait.
But seriously, hurry up Martin! We all anxiously await The Winds of Winter.

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wah? Do they really have the same name?

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I think that first Joshua York should be Abner Marsh.


(Or magical realism, I guess. Having a great profusion of confusing namesakes in the same story seemed to work fine for García Márquez.)

So, a story about vampires trying to live alongside humans with the aid of a blood substitute, set in the US south.

Sounds familiar.


Eh, I dunno’, this one didn’t really do all that much for me.

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