George RR Martin's "Fevre Dream": the Lannisters as vampires


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Shhhhhhhh, no distractions while RR is working.
Release date for A Song of Ice and Fire book 6&7 is the only press I want to see about RR Martin.


I don’t think that this particular novel interfered much with the writing process for ASoIaF.


Sure, but this will hit his interweb news alert, and next thing ya know he’s spinning ideas for Fevre Dream 2,3,& 4.
I’m of course just kidding. Martin has many other great stories that should be explored while we wait.
But seriously, hurry up Martin! We all anxiously await The Winds of Winter.


wah? Do they really have the same name?


I think that first Joshua York should be Abner Marsh.



(Or magical realism, I guess. Having a great profusion of confusing namesakes in the same story seemed to work fine for García Márquez.)


So, a story about vampires trying to live alongside humans with the aid of a blood substitute, set in the US south.

Sounds familiar.


Eh, I dunno’, this one didn’t really do all that much for me.


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