George R.R. Martin plays a zombie signing his new book on Syfy’s 'Z Nation'

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But what KIND of zombie is he?

Ice zombie?
Grayscale zombie?
Resurrected-by-the-Lord-of-Light zombie?
The-Mountain-meets-Dr.-Necromancer zombie?


The has-not-been-conclusively-proven-dead-therefore-totally-still-alive-trust-me kind (aka Benjen).


Where the fuck is Benjen?!?

Up north putting the finishing touches on his R+L=J powerpoint presentation.


it has to be said: the new book would probably be out much quicker if he would stop doing things like this. WRITE, WRITE LIKE THE WIND, GEORGE

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Not necessarily. Sometimes a break and doing something silly can do wonders for one’s creative output. Whether it is a novel or a circuit or some code.


Pretty sure he’s been taking plenty of breaks from writing, based on the time between books.

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i have to admit, you’re totally right. i still feel my pithy, snarky comment still has a grain of truth in it, though.

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This is so fuzzy problematics that we can be both right at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s disconcerting to see a zombie who keeps his glasses as clean and smear free as this one.

It’s the level boss.


The kind that wont let his own mortal passing affect his completion of the last books of ASOFAI?
Unfortunately they will be dictated strictly in groans and Hodors.

Two symbols are enough to have full binary communication.
Even one symbol would be enough if timing is specified (one groan zero, two groans one - just an example).

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Well yea…
They could translate it.
But it is so much more poetic in the original tongue.

Then you have to decide if you want poetry or intelligible text.

Poetry. A way to be deliberately obtuse and confusing in way more words than needed to convey the same information in clearer way…

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