George Santos retweets Michael Rapaport's anti-Santos rant

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I sure hope so.

He’s a lying sack of human garbage but from a self-interest standpoint it makes sense that he isn’t leaving willingly yet, since that way he can keep resignation as one of the few bargaining chips he can offer in a plea deal with the Feds. The rest of his party has little to gain by keeping him around though.


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He should milk his position now because he ain’t getting re-elected. Even the local Republican Party hates him. Hopefully he’ll get primaried and join the one-term loser club with Madison Cawthorn (who was also a liar).


If I might go into my “you kids get off my lawn” mode for a moment.

Decades ago someone like George Santos would have been run out of town on a rail by his own party, now party leadership is mostly mum, and are trying to get some votes out of him while they can. Republicans like Romney who show some inkling of moral backbone are pariahs.

And off topic: Rappaport’s video, shot as he’s walking through a park ranting at his phone, it’s a weird aspect of this ridiculous future we’re living in that this is a common thing. I’ve seen people doing exactly this, making a Twitter or TikTok video, yelling at their phone. I understand it’s just the world we live in now, but I long for the days when you’d go to the park and maybe the most annoying thing was someone playing Grateful Dead songs (poorly, always poorly) on a guitar nearby.


Santos still isn’t on trial yet?


If they kick him out of the House of Representatives the slim Republican majority gets even slimmer, and with the “Freedom” Caucus in open revolt against the rest of the party they’ll have an even harder time holding it together.


But keeping him around means they’re almost sure to lose that seat anyway when he runs for reelection in 2024. It would be strategically wiser for the Republicans to throw him under the bus now, while they still have a majority in the House and a chance to field a less embarrassing candidate.


Santos really is, like MTG, in it for the attention. And there’s no such thing, apparently, as bad attention. This sudden talk of “the elites” indicates he’s also trying to position himself as a culture-warrior (faux-) populist, like MTG and Trump, but I don’t think it’s really working for him.


Santos is calling this guy an “elitist?” Wait, what?

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May there forever be a Michael Rapaport. The Earth will rotate a little slower when he’s gone.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Santos is right about one thing; that is a pretty half-assed rant. I don’t know who Michael Rapaport is, but I don’t think I’d feel differently if I did. These days, is there anything more ordinary than an angry man complaining to a camera?

Whatever publishing company gives him a book deal after this deserves to be shredded alive.

“Elitist” = Jewish in right-wing circles.

Didn’t George Santos claim he was Jewish?

No, wait…

I’m waiting for the news that his real name is Aldridge Prior


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Not making any friends here, George. Sure the DOJ will help you transition to a new future.

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